August 28, 2009


I was trying to think of a title for this post.......because it's technically about the boys hips I thought that title fit. Plus, I've only had one cup of I could do.

As I've mentioned, we've been praying about a few situations lately. Yesterdays post about the boys has nothing to do with today's.....different issues. Thankfully, both issues have been resolved. Actually, the only thing they have in common is a great Dr and getting some answers.

We've been concerned about the boys stride and the way their feet turn....basically their walk and run. Since they were about 1 yr old we've asked their different pediatricians about it and they've always said that the boys were fine. We recently went to a new Dr who really took the time to discuss every concern and addressed each of those concerns in a new way. I'm hoping to share about the boys new immune system protocol soon. But for today we'll talk hips...this Dr addressed our concern over the boys walk/stride and said that there was a problem. We were finally getting some answers.

The boys saw their physical therapist for the first time on Tues......he was fabulous. We could not have asked for a more gentle and thoughtful therapist. We had been thinking that it was a foot issue.....turns out it has to do with their hips. They don't have full movement which makes their walk and run a bit stiff and even painful. I'm sure G remembers the actual term......I feel terrible that I don't. I do know what we need to do to help them gain more flexibility and hopefully improve things.....including avoiding future pain and problems. The boys were wonderful at their first appointment...I'm pretty sure they even had fun. Though, Ross was not thrilled with the paparazzi at his appointment.

We worked out a plan with our PT......G and I will do their exercises with them 2x a day and report back to him for assessment every 2 weeks.

It feels like our days have been consumed with appointments and meetings lately....hoping to get back to some fun and our usual routine soon......playing, cooking, dancing......moving furniture ;)


Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

Hi Mimi,
I'm so happy you found a Doctor who is giving you some answers AND a way to make it better for the boys!!! Hopefully now things will calm down a bit and you can relax.
The Finger Lakes were beautiful, We had so much fun and the farmer's market in Ithaca was wonderful. I'll be posting on it all next week. I hope one day We can meet when I'm up that way again.
Have a great weekend

Tara said...

Sounds like you've found the right pediatrician. A great doctor makes all the difference. I hope the treatment plan helps in solving their problems so they aren't in pain! Great news!

Pilar said...

PRaise God for possitive results!

Alicia said...

Hi Mimi! Isn't it such a relief that someone finally acknowledged/realized that there was a problem. There's nothing worst than leaving the doc's the same way you came in.

I'm glad you like their PT and that he made you all feel comfortable!

LOL, my kids cover their faces when they had enough pictures

Serendipity is Sweet said...

What a relief that must be to finally feel like you can move forward with solutions. I hope they'll be able to enjoy the activities and have fun getting "flexible" :D

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, doesn't it feel GOOD to finally get some answers and be able to start remedying the problem?

WOo hoo! Glad you finally found a doctor who would LISTEN to your concerns. Yay God!

Everybody's Mama said...

Oh, a good solid doctor who doesn't give you the brush-off is truly a God send! Rejoicing with you that you now have the answers you need and a plan to bring some relief!

Beth in NC said...

Wow, God bless your little boys. I am glad you finally got some answers and some help.


Pam said...

That is wonderful that you finally found a doctor that took your concerns seriously. I am so glad that the boys are finally getting the help they need.

Life with Kaishon said...

I think a good Dr. is invaluable! So glad the physical therapist is going to work with you like that. I had my share of some ridiculous physical therapists this year, and I thought I was going to go crazy! For a while I was disliking the whole profession. Now, I am gaining some better perspective...time heals all wounds, right?

Amber said...

I'll scream "Hip Hip Hooray" with ya!!!!!!!

No Ordinary Me said...

Glad to hear that the thereapy was good.

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