September 27, 2010

Life Online

I've been simplifying different areas of my life. Purging closets is an obvious place to start....and a very gratifying place as well. After reading some articles on simplifying(thank you Carole!)....I've also been trying to simplify my online time. I started with going online less. As I look back over the past year...and when my blog was public....I was online a lot. I felt this burden to keep my blog posts current. I enjoyed it as well, but clearly it was too much time being spent in cyber space. Since going private I have gradually decreased my online time. It just wasn't planned. I started writing less....and I started reading blogs less. I still try to visit my friend's blogs, but often it's through google reader. I regret that I don't often have time to jump on and comment....or I mean to come back to and get distracted. In the 'ol days....I would blog's amazing how easy it is to jump from one blog to the next. After a while, I would forget where I started. I'd have this glazed over and worn out eyes! I also used to do a lot of homeschool surfing....looking at curriculum or reading message boards on teaching. Now, I still try to do a bit of each...have to be honest. Though, I've cut way back.

This is the thing......

 Back to the article I shared that a great way to start your day is WITHOUT reading your email first. The author suggests that you wait until much later in the day. I'm telling you......I've started doing that....and I really like it. I don't want to allow the computer to get a great percent of my day. I don't want to put it first....or even second...or third.

The problem is.....most everyone connects through the computer these days. People don't write letters as much....or even make phone calls as much. On one hand.....who has time for lots of phone calls? But.....I truly appreciate the intimacy of a phone call.....or even an email vs. a note on Facebook.

If I stop going online as much.....will my relationships suffer. I sort of think they will and it makes me sad. I also like phone calls more than email, Facebook and other online sources because there is a clearer understanding of tone...and mood. Ya know what I mean? I believe there have been many misunderstandings through online connections. At least, I know I have experienced some myself.

In the past week I've had 2 friends go private with their blogs....and 2 friends deactivate their Facebook account. I thought it was great....I'm thinking of deactivating my FB status as well. The thing with FB.....I rarely go on. When I do....I don't go on other people's pages....I would feel like I was snooping. But because I don't go on other people's pages......they probably think I'm ignoring them. Ugh. Do you see how messed up online media really is?? I know that so many people love FB and various online sources......I truly know how valuable they can be as well (remember we found Ross/Sam online!!!). I just don't want relationship status to be determined by blogging or FB. Give me a good old fashioned letter(or even a personal email) or phone call anyday.

*BTW-I've never heard of anyone regretting spending less time online. If anything, I always hear how much happier they are...or how much they accomplished....or how much fun they had with their kid...or cooked more...organized more books....exercised more.....compared less!


StacyB said...

I left facebook about a month ago. It feels good. I deactivated my account.
I AM trying harder to attend to my blog. I am hoping for a post week.

I am much better at looking at blogs, now. [Obviously!] And I like keeping up without that information overload that facebook had.

I do check my email first thing in the morning, after my quiet time. And as I go through I delete what I can, move things to folders if needed [LEAH info] and GET OFF! I even turn my computer off to make sure I am not tempted to go back on. Later in the day, I usually turn it back on and check it again, and answer anything I had to from the morning.


I also took away my kids' daily computer time. They get it about once a week, now. And we don't have TV daily anymore - about once a week. And we don't have any video games or gameboys, etc. We are REALLY unplugged! :) And I think they are free-er for it, as well. No more daily asking if it is time yet, etc.

So - didn't mean to say so much - I should have emailed you!! But I agree. It is awesome to cut back/cut off.

really.truly said...

Oh wow Stacy, I didn't reaize that you deactivated from FB. See, that's how rarely I go on. You've further encouraged me to deactivate :)
We have not fully unplugged. We still play the wii and computer games. As long as we keep things balanced(wii and comp)with other things I'm fine with it.
I've been loving seeing all your new pictures of Scooter and the kids:)

carole said...

It's interesting to think about what you said - will your relationships suffer? I've been thinking about that, too, especially with a few people in mind. I want to stay connected with these people but FB was making me feel connected when in actuality I am not. Or - not without FB. Weird. And I agree - FB and the internet are not bad, but they can become too addicting for some of us who have a hard time choosing between the amazing people (perhaps driving us crazy) in our lives and virtual reality - so to speak.

really.truly said...

Carole...nodding my head in agreement with all you wrote :)

Wendy said...

Hmmm...I'm still online way too much. I'm like Stacy in one respect...I am trying to keep up with my blog posts better than I had been. I love to write too, so it's a kind of 'hobby' for me. But like you, I end up blog-hopping (really only 4 but still) and wasting time that I could be using to do other things. Games with the kids, sewing projects, cleaning...FB is something I enjoy but is not really necessary....should probably spend less time on there. Definitely some things to consider....thanks for the post. :)

Val said...

This is a great post. I definitely spend too much time on forums and online period. I need to definitely cut back that time.

Sherry said...

Hi Mimi!

I too have stopped blog hopping. (But I do have to look up my old blog buddies once in a while because I miss you!) In the beginning, it gave me what I needed--ideas, inspiration, affirmation that "hey, this homeschooling thing really is doable." ;) Now, I feel like I'm on my own path and I'm comfortable there. But to stay there and stay focused, I can't spend so much time on the computer! Though admittedly I am on fb A LOT! :)

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