September 30, 2010


The weather in NJ has been really odd...but I sort of like it. It's warm and humid....and rainy. I'm still wearing flip flops and wondering when it will be boot season. Not that I'm hoping for cold....this has been a nice summer extension. between rain storms....we ran out to do an errand. As we were walking to the car some of our neighborhood buddies came riding and running up.  Have I mentioned how unique and just adorable these kids are? A bit rough around the edges....and just so full of life. Have I mentioned that I've never seen or met their parents? I feel a bit protective of does the policeman who patrols our complex each evening. He knows them all by name and has shared a few stories.

It seems that a few of the families live here so their children can attend the school in our town....yet the parents still work in the city(not sure if it's NYC or Newark?). He shared that their parents are rarely around. I don't really understand it....but I can imagine what he was implying.  Plus, the city is only 15 miles away, but it can be a long commute if traffic is bad. It can take Greg either 20 minutes or 3 hours to get into the city....just depends.Maybe they choose not to come home some nights? I'm not sure, I can't figure it out and didn't want to ask too many details. We are known as a bedroom community....the train station is right down the road. I often see people ....early in the morning....running for the train shuttle. Anyway.....on to my perspective moment....and back to our neighborhood buddies.

Of our buddies.....4 of them are sisters(ranging in age from 4-14) Their mom is a single working mom....from what they say....a hard working gal. It seems that she has been applying for the Habitat for Humanity lottery for 10 years. Today, little 9 yr old Kayla ran up to us with a huge smile. She said...."I'm so happy my mouth hurts. We won the lottery!!". Now, I was thinking...."you won the lottery?what?". She went on to say..."we won a Habitat for Humanity lottery.....we are finally getting  a house!!". My heart just swelled for this girl....for this family. I'm hoping we can be part of the building of this cool would that be?!

Again, I thought to I was driving amazing....I really can't put it into words. Hearing the news our little friend shared just put so much into perspective. Literally....daily....I feel like the Lord is showing me things and speaking to my heart. I'm not sure what it all means, but I'm trying to listen and learn.


Wendy said...

I love that you've gotten so involved in your this story! It would be awesome if you could be involved in the building. And I think it's so great that they see something in you and your family that makes them come running. Your light it shining for Him to those kids. What a great day for that girl and her really does put things in perspective. Thanks for giving us a reminder through your post. :)

StacyB said...

that is cool
what does "bedroom community" mean, Mimi? I've heard it before, but don't know...

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh! That just makes my heart happy! I know the waiting list in Philadelphia is miles long! I hope this family has a beautiful new home and they build many happy memories there.

Jana Guild said...

:) Great story, Mary. Thanks for sharing!

Darcie said...

This has got to be the sweetest story ever! Sometimes we just don't even know what 'our' lottery is. Want to be more thankful for the smallest blessings that come my way.

That would seriously be so great if you could get involved in the building of their home. Excited for this family!

Bunny, The Paris House said...

These are the kind of stories that make me believe there is good in the world and that the Lord does hear and answer our prayers. How wonderful for this girl and her mother. I can't imagine how hard it must be to be a single working mom struggling like that, Thank God they have received this blessing.
Hope you are well

Ruth said...

Wow... I didn't see this one coming. God is amazing!

Keep listening... the 'learning' will come soon enough, my friend. ;)

Be ever so abundantly blessed!

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