June 30, 2011

Rocking the Mine

{we were given a tour of the mine.....the boys really liked this part}

The other day we were meeting some friends at a rock mine. Technically, you could call it a "field trip"......one person planned it, there was a set time, reduced fee, and it was educational.

We had been looking forward to it, but when we woke in the morning the weather crushed all of our built up joy. The forecast called for thunderstorms.
{the colorful rocks above are the same grey rocks below....once under a flourescent light, their color shines through}
For the past few weeks, I have had a boy with a strong aversion to thunderstorms. I feel for the boy.....he's really been trying to conquer this fear. During the morning, we debated back and forth about if it would rain, answered some phone calls , and basically rushed around turning the house upside down while preparing for our "field trip". 

I have this bad habit of unloading closets, piling up counters with dishes, leaving laundry strewn about....before leaving for outings. I have plenty of time to prepare....always think I am prepared.....usually realizing that I am not prepared at all. Always.
{the facts about the mine and what it was like to work there were fascinating. I think I now know why they call it "going to the can"}

{We were able to go on a rock dig. We then brought the rocks back up the hill and put them under special lights....some had pretty color patterns, some did not}

So, we finally make it out the door and Set our GPS for our hour long drive. About 10 minutes before arriving at our destination the boys announce they are hungry. Makes sense since in my rush I forgot to feed them lunch....and it's past lunchtime. We are now in a fairly rural area....our food options are limited. We swerve into a Dunkin Donuts/Convenience store.  We order our 3 pizza rolls, hand the young man my credit card, and shop the protein bar aisle.

And then there is a glitch. There is always a glitch.  The young man yells that they are out of pizza rolls. I tell him to give me the healthiest sandwich on the menu and 1 Boston Creme donut {I know, makes no sense-don't judge}. He then tells me that my original bill came to $5.53....the new bill comes to $4.93....and then he says "you want to call it even?"
At first I say "sure", but then I think for a moment. So, I am supposed to call it even....in DD's favor? Insert perplexed look. Tell me that is not strange? Growing up, my parent's owned retail stores....I'm pretty sure that is something they would never have said to a customer.
Quickly....I call out in a parental tone  ...."well, why don't you throw in another donut?". To which he agreed. We then hurry to the convenience store counter to pay for our protein bars. "That will be $5.78....we only accept cash". I'm going to skip over the part where I was astonished that 2 kashi bars would cost almost $6?  Have you ever heard of a convenience store that only accepts cash? I like charging things, and having cash on hand for emergencies....so, I may have given a *sigh*.

I turned to the line of men standing behind me {as they had all participated and watched our pizza roll dilemma}...."it's one of those days gentlemen" .  To which the tallest, burliest one replied with a big grin.... "it'll get better"

And he was spot on. A fun day was had by all. The boys fell asleep on the way home....and I got to enjoy a forgotten protein bar {and possibly a donut, as well}. Good times.


Anonymous said...

The mine sounds like fun. We've been to one here in AZ. We actually went underground - and while you have a boy that hates thunderstorms, I hate tight spaces where I feel confined and trapped. Ugh.

I don't think I'd want to revisit the convenient store - overpriced, understocked, don't take cash, and they want to keep my change? No thanks! No Kashi bar is worth $3.00 - I'd pay that for a box, not one! Who do they think they are? :)

Wendy said...

Oh my gosh! I have been into convenience stores, or at a McDonald's once, where they just kept my change. It may have only been 1 cent but I want my change! I'm always amazed when that happens. I agree...who do they think they are?! The pics are great. I'm glad everyone ended up having a good time, and a 'forgotten' donut is always a nice find! Well, maybe not always, but you know what I mean. LOL :)

Tiffanie said...

This post cracked me up! I could totally see this day happening to me! And yes, most definitely a field trip. How fun!!!

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