September 20, 2011

Want to know something?

I'm going to let you in on a few of my secrets. Not too scandalous, but totally real.

When the boys run upstairs to go play....I sometimes run for my stash of potato chips. I have a weakness for my chips. Add some french onion dip and I'm one happy gal. Speaking of the boys playing....lately they seem to have gotten louder. I hear Beanie Babies flying around, jumping , and tons of laughing. I get a little nervous that my neighbors may call to complain. I hate having to tell my boys to "try not to be so loud". They get into some elaborate "plays" and discussions that I overhear {so loud that I can't help overhearing!}. Love it. Sometimes they come out of their room all sweaty and panting for water. We {hugely}miss having our old basement and yard, but the boys are making the best of our situation.

Remember my little friend? Well, we love her, but I was still thinking of a Keurig. When I learned that the K is BPA free I decided to grab one. Greg and I both are very happy with this purchase. So easy. Such a time saver. The only problem is that I am now drinking way more coffee. Fall has arrived....perfect timing.

 I haven't been writing about our homeschool life....or about friends, family , etc.{ Feel free to ask me anything you want}. Yes, we still homeschool and we still have friends and family. For various reasons, I've just decided not to write details about those things. Though, I think I did a bit more in the past. Maybe in the future I will share and write about those things {like I used to, on my old blog} For now,  I'll stick to random thoughts, adventures, and food, etc.  And why am I babbling about this?? I don't know, thinking out loud. I've realized that I'm not sharing a big portion of our life. I'm sharing about a few things, but there is a bigger picture.

We didn't go into NYC last weekend. We went to Ikea instead.  I don't want to go into the city until I have a camera. I'm obsessively bargain shopping for a simple point & shoot. Greg keeps telling me to just buy one. I'm getting close...and then we'll go into the city. This Saturday?

Right before bed the other night Ross cut his toe on a basket. He came into our room and asked for a bandage. I quickly covered the cut and we went to bed. About 10 minutes later he comes to us saying that his toe stings. I took a closer look and saw that he had a giant piece of wood stuck in his toe. Hello! How did I miss that? We soaked, poked, and wiped tears as Greg worked to get the wood out. There were moments where we thought we'd be running to the ER. Thankfully, Greg got it out....and all is well. That same boy has lost 4 teeth within the last 2 months! One tooth fell apart before it was ready....which involved a trip to the dentist for an extraction. He's been a trooper through it all.

                              {the beach, post Irene....sadly, it's pretty yucky}


Tara said...

The boys are just growing right up!! The toe incident sounds painful esp. since I'm dealing with one myself! I always like the random posts and have one sitting in my queue for when I have enough random thoughts I want to share.

Darcie said...

From one chip lover to another chip lover! Salty goodness is the best!

I agree with Tara...ONE post about MANY things. Almost like having a conversation with yourself, but we get to share in it too. Thanks for stopping and talking to us today.

Amy said...

ME TOO! I could live on potato chips. I don't try to sneak them anymore because my son has bat ears and always hears me.

Wendy said...

Totally understand the sneaking! Sometimes a girl just doesn't want to share, ya know? :) I like your topics of 'conversation'. I always look forward to reading what you have to say, whether it's about random things or personal, family-type stuff.

How's life treating you these days?

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