November 8, 2011


I'm feeling much better. Phew. Thank you for your sweet words and prayers! The fog is still lingering, but maybe that's just the season I'm in. I read another wonderful devotion {from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young} again today. Actually, it feels like "groundhog week"......we also made another batch of gingersnap cookies yesterday. We've also been trying to coordinate our Thanksgiving travel plans, enjoying the sunny weather, and playing lots of Uno......

{Mario & Luigi have been playing with us}

 The boys have been practicing their drum work. We really need to get a better 
practice pad/drum set. The one they are using is pathetic. Thankfully, they get to play on real sets during their lesson. I have to be honest......remembering to practice every day can be challenging {for me!} Greg is considering taking drum lessons {me , too}. You may see us on tour one day {ummm, probably not}.

This is what our coffee table usually looks like. I promise that I did not stage this. We are chronic strewers=leaver of books and games. I have found that if the books are on the shelf they don't get read{or found}. When they are strewed about they are picked up often. I usually have a couple on the kitchen table, as well. It makes the house a bit more messy, but it's worth it.
Our shelves in my little office area drive me bonkers. As some of you know, I've had to crowd everything from our old home into our new small space. Some days it overwhelms me. This week I went through my usual thoughts of "will we ever be settled in a home again?". I have dreams of decorating with white, blue, and green. I have visions of a cute bungalow somewhere. Ross has dreams of a garden.....Sam hopes for a yard and driveway. Greg sort of likes our current situation.....he does not miss yard work and house projects.

Day by day.


Tara said...

Cold Play...good choice! I've missed what's going on so forgive me for being absent. Shoot, I haven't even sent that email yet and I've almost decided to just let it go.

Ruth said...

LOL @ "he does not miss yard work and house projects". I'm not sure I would either. :D

How is Greg's back these days?

(I'm seriously yearning after those gingersnap cookies. :D)

Darcie said...

So glad your feeling better my friend...had to be those cookies and coffee!!!

Polly said...

Now I know why I have felt so connected to you, we also love to rock the UNO games! such a great way to spend the chilly nights. Wishing y'all a joyful Thanksgiving, thankful for you and your blog

Jessica Washburn said...

How are you??? Hope thing are better. I thought I left a comment on this post a week or more ago? Don't know. Anyway, love me some Uno and the drums are always something my Jaxon wanted to play. I'm such a beast I made him stick to something less noisy. :) Let me know how you are. hugs. BTW, I'm back to blogging believe it or not. You know I told you I thought I was "over it", but I guess I got the itch back finally. Oh well, I guess I'm a lifer! Ha.

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