January 28, 2012

A Classic Morning With Consideration & Rambling

I woke up with the boys cold, and listening to one of their classic conversations.
From what I could hear, they were talking about WWE wrestlers, which then turned into a
debate over something....

Boy #1 "You are being inconsiderate!"
Boy #2  "I am not. YOU are being inconsiderate!"
Boy #1 "I am not."
Boy#2 "What does inconsiderate even mean?!"
Boy #1 "I think it has something to do with compassion"
Boy#2 "I'm being compassionate. I care about what you are saying {other things I couldn't hear}"

{remember this started with a debate over WWE wrestlers}

Boy #1 "now you are rambling"
Boy #2 "I am not rambling. What does THAT even mean?"
Boy #1 "It means you do not stop talking"

And then a whole discussion about rambling, consideration, and their favorite WWE wrestlers continues.....at this point, I'm wide awake and have joined the conversation. Clearly, I will be adding some extensive vocabulary to our curricula.


Wendy said...

Sounds to me like you don't need to add vocabulary. They are obviously learning those big words just through living life with you! Great job, Mommy! This made me smile....I can just imagine their voices. So sweet. :)

StacyB said...

I love it. Kids are so great.
I noticed my kids using the word atrocious this week. I must see if any of them can tell me what it means.

Jessica Washburn said...

Laughing my gutts out! Too funny. :-) you look adorable in that photo.

Rebecca said...

Love this picture - a beautiful mom with her adorable sons!! Their expressions are cracking me up!

Casey // this modern love. said...

You are so beautiful! And your boys are so hilarious. I love the part "I'm being compassionate, I care about what you are saying." So awesome.

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