February 18, 2012


Our dear, sweet, amazing Grandma R (great grandma) had a stroke shortly after Christmas. As soon as we were able, we drove back to Upstate NY to visit her. The drive was about 6 hrs each way, and we only had less than 5 hrs to visit with her, but the trip was....priceless.
Yes, those are rabbit ears......if you know Grandma R, that is just her style. She's such a fun lady. Remember our wheelchair Olympics?
I will treasure this visit with her. Her memory and other things have been poor, but she stayed alert for us during our whole visit. She told me that she hoped that she's been a good grandma. She welcomed me into the family with open arms, and has been the best grandma!!
Sam sat in Grandma's room and said he was going to give his little cousins "story time" from the kindle.

We went back to grandma and papa's house for the night, and woke up to a mega snow storm.

It was one of our quickest trips home ever, but it was definitely worth every minute.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

the pics of you and greg with grandma are so beautiful. so wonderful that she is part of your lives!!

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