April 26, 2013


I am still trying to find the camera uploader thing. While searching, I realized that so much still needs to be found or put in it's proper place. If I want to get all deep about it....I can say that this is true beyond just concrete things. I'm actually not in the mood to get that deep right now, so I will just skim the surface a bit.

I'm allowing myself some grace after our move. We have decisions in various areas to make-from big to small. I have days where I feel all chill and like I am one step ahead of things, and then suddenly the chill fades away and I am three steps behind.

All of this is normal. The beauty of our move to NJ is that I clearly remember how things take time. Settling in takes time. Finding our groove takes time. So, as I said....I'm allowing myself grace(thankful for grace).


rebecca said...

can't wait to see your pictures. :)

rebecca said...

and grace is a wonderful thing.

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