May 2, 2013

A little tour.....

Here we go....I'm tired, so my sentences may be choppy.
We inherited this dry sink (I think that's what it is) from Greg's grandma. My mother in law remembers it being in their house when she was little. I was going to paint it,but think we may keep it as is. We keep shuffling it around the house....looking for it's proper place.
We've been loving our kitchen area. The area gets all warm and sunny in the morning, which makes it a good spot for coffee. I'm not a morning person but this area makes me enjoy mornings. Still figuring out what chairs to use (currently using our Ikea folding chairs).
One thing that surprised me.....we have not painted one wall since we moved in. I think it's partly because we were just so tired from the move. We did spontaneously purchase a couch and chairs. I found the big flower painting at the Christmas Tree Shop for $29! Still deciding if we will keep it over the fireplace. What do you think? We are changing out the coffee table for the one I grew up with (thanks mom), and we're planning on spray painting it "hammered metal".
I tend to be impatient when it comes to decorating. When I get on a roll I don't stop. One day, Greg and I just started randomly hanging these photos(from storage). I'm not thrilled with our layout, but it works for now.

              I found this pillow at TJ Maxx for $ it. It's made of felt and super soft.
I have a large collection of my father's paintings. His oil paintings are hanging on the walls of Greg's parent's house. I was so happy to finally be able to hang some of his watercolors.
While searching for our sofa, we found this dining room sideboard at Raymour & Flanigan's clearance center. It now sits in Greg's office.
And this is one of the walls in Greg's office. The diamonds are painted on (by previous house owner).
The dining room is currently brown. We are on a hunt for a new color... maybe grey? So, there you have it. I hope to take more pictures. I love going back to old blog posts and looking at our previous just encourages me to keep posts of this decorating process as well. I've definitely noticed how our style and color choices have changed.

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