May 14, 2013


I found some stray photos from NJ. They brought back some fun memories. I'm not sure if it's the grey skies, cold weather, or what....but I have been feeling sort of gloomy. No energy, and perfectly content to lay on the couch with a bag of chocolate (yes, the whole bag). I have a million projects to be completed and don't feel like doing anything. Though, we did finally finish the dining room painting project-woo hoo.

 Problem is, I have 2 active boys who are not into the whole laying on the couch eating chocolate thing. The responsibility of motherhood seems so huge sometimes. Some days it feels effortless....other days, I think about how my direction plays into their futures. How my choices make such a difference in their lives. Oy! I've been thinking a lot about how I was raised. How life was so different when I was a girl....a super shy little girl. I didn't participate in any sports(my choice), and never took a  music lesson(again, my choice. though we had a piano and guitar, and my brother was in a 70's rock band). I don't remember reading tons of books. I do remember my mom after schooling us (but that's a whole 'nother story). We had lots of books, and I'm sure my mom read to us when we were little. I think? Yes, I'm sure. It was just all so different. More simple.

My mom never worried that she was messing us up. She never fretted that I didn't want to join a sports team or finish that art lesson....or that I was super duper shy. She really listened to and supported me. She gave me security. Even today, she still encourages me and reminds me of these things. Now, I'm not saying it was all perfect. Oh, I could tell you stories. But it was a pretty good childhood.

What I find interesting is that today... I love reading, I play sports, and I'm not as shy. I never was prepped or nurtured in those areas, yet.....I don't know. I can't put my finger on it, but that makes me think. 

onto the stray photos.....

 Our homeschool gym class. Coach Brandon would take the train in from the Bronx. This same group would go to a science class held at a ladies home. I remember always having to make sure we had money for the meters.....
 The boys look excited, huh? They actually really liked gathering for our Friday group. We met in the basement of our church....the kids did science experiments, art projects, and because all the moms spoke Spanish (except me) they learned Spanish.
 One of the moms arranged for us to dissect a starfish for our last class.



Ruth Jackson said...

Ovulation gives me that feeling you expressed in your first paragraph. Could that be it? I'm still trying to work off my last chocolate feast... I swear it's the smell that makes me expand. Yep... that must be it.

Feel better soon! {{{Hugs}}}

P.S. I'm sitting here trying not to laugh at that last photo.... Was the little girl at the front (doing the 'lightning bolt') aware that it was intended to be a group photo?

really.truly said...

Ruth you are brilliant! I have been thinking it's from ovulation ,too. What a crazy funk! ((hugs back))

Darcie said...

I totally understand your feelings. I can always relate so well to your post, I think that is why I see keep coming back to read your thoughts, my dear!

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