June 26, 2013

On Rainbows and Clouds

Can you see the rainbow? We dig rainbows around here. The dark rain cloud that's above it...not so much. 

  I made another less significant small change. We put our pheasant painting (by my Dad) above the fireplace....and moved the red flowers to the entryway. Not sure it's a permanent change, but Greg is getting tired of new nail holes...so they may remain where they are.....

The "Victoria's Secret Room" below (named by friend's daughter) is next on our project list. The pink is going....grey/blue may be coming.

Thankfully, Greg will be coming home today after being away for a few days. We are all loving summer mode...and not thinking about school stuff at all. More on that next.....because aside from feeling wonky lately, there are happy, fun things going on too ;)

1 comment:

Darcie said...

Lovin, the little glimpses of your new home!

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