June 29, 2013

Hello, Saturday

 Thankful for a grandpa that can still run around with the boys. And so thankful for a backyard. Highrise apartment living was a great experience, but being able to walk out your door to grass is so nice.
 We painted the brown dining room a silvery gray. (By this fuzzy picture it's clear I may need a new camera soon. )
 I've found a new fun place to shop....Hobby Lobby. I found the scripture above for about $10. It's Proverbs 3:5....our adoption scripture.
Also found these funky twisty plants to put on our front step.

Hello, Saturday.... and not feeling guilty about sleeping in. Hello to a day with nothing scheduled, and nothing urgent on the to do list. Actually, there is a to do list, but we are ignoring it for a while. : )


Tara said...

Just dropping in to say hey. I'm sort of out of the blogging mood (although I just finished a post for tmrw) and haven't been on blogger lately. Hope you are enjoying your move back to NY.

really.truly said...

Hey Tara! I hear you on the blogging mood. Hope you are enjoying your move, too!! So nice to hear from you :)

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