July 2, 2013

Spontaneous Afternoon

There have been one too many rainy days lately. It was nice the first couple of days. We stayed home, drank hot drinks, and actually started painting the pink room. 
When a friend suggested we go to Seabreeze for the afternoon we were a bit hesitant thinking it would rain once again. I have a confession-we've never been to this popular local (15mins away) amusement park. I grew up going to Roseland, and never even went to Seabreeze as a child.

We decided to ignore the weather and head out late in the day.
The first ride got all the boys a bit dizzy. If you notice Ross in the 2 pictures....he's looking a bit stunned. We were a little worried, but he made it through the up and down ride. Never again.

 The boys went on this ride over and over and over......
 The Lazy Wave runner and the Big Wave were also hits. Despite the cool air, the boys spent most of their time in the water.
The boys ended the day with a quick spray race and a fluffy snake to take home. So glad our friends encouraged us to go.

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