July 5, 2013

Old Photos & Memories

My mom has a scrap book from her childhood....I just love going through it and reading all the notes, looking at the pictures, and then having her tell us stories associated with it all.

This last visit, I pulled the album out and snatched a few of my favorites.

This is a photo of my mom and her aunt Ann. Apparently, when my mom was 16 Auntie Ann took her to a dude ranch for the week (mom's dad was not happy). They had a great time. I loved how my 78 yr old mom remembered it like it was yesterday. She shared stories of the different people within the photo.
This announcement from the "new" Waring theater described it as having the only "cycloramic screne" (the spelling)

 I guess my mom suffered from severe cramps, too. She said she missed many days of school either because she had cramps or had to stay home and clean the house (such different days back then).
I also learned that she worked at the telephone company just so she could save up tuition to attend the University of Rochester. She managed to save a years tuition, but couldn't afford to go back after that one year. I believe she married my dad soon afterward.

 We also found this picture of my father. He was a talented basketball player, and after college continued to play while working at the RG&E. What was neat about this picture is that his teammate sitting next to him turned out to be the father of Greg's childhood best friend. Small world.
My parents, though their bodies show signs of aging, are filled with so many stories and memories that are fresh in their hearts.


Ruth J said...

Oh wow... beautiful.

Darcie said...

I think it is so great to document these stories(really these life's) of our parents. What a sweet post!

Rebecca said...

Lovely post and memories!!

Alicia said...

That is so neat!! What a blessing that she remembers so much!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this post!
I have many old pictures of my family hanging up all over our office.
No matter who stops by, they always look at all the pictures hanging or sitting around.
LOVE pictures.....priceless!

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