July 23, 2013


 Over the weekend.....

Sometimes something happens in the course of my day and I think.....what in the world was that? {In a good way}. I just had one of those experiences and I can't stop thinking about it.

(a nest of baby rabbits live in here)

The details of finding and purchasing our current house....actually, the details of Greg being offered his current job.....were somewhat bizarre. And when I say bizarre I mean when I look back the details make me squint my eyes a little and say "hmmmm" to myself. On the days that I start questioning why we moved back home, or if we made the right decision I'm usually able to let those thoughts quickly go because of how it all happened. In my mind, the Lord guided us on a path and timed things in a way that I can only point back to Him.

So, with that in mind.....on one side of our home we have some lovely empty nesters. They are clearly in love, act younger than their age, and are friendly. Because Greg travels I am thankful that we are surrounded by neighbors who seem to be around a lot. Remember how I shared that our neighbors gazebo was ripped to shreds? Well, when I saw their grandkids playing on our swingset I ran out to chat with them(her) about the storm. Before I knew it, we were chatting about all sorts of things and she invited me to come look at her home.

Our conversation probably only lasted about 10 minutes....and, by the way, if your neighbor asks you to come inside and look at her house be sure to tell your family where you are going. I sort of disappeared which caused Greg and the boys to get a bit worried. Nice to know I was missed.
So, our conversation.... in the short time we chatted my dear neighbor shared things about her life, and brought up other specific random things that made my jaw drop. Why? Because they were words of encouragement about things she wouldn't have a clue I was struggling with could relate to. I don't want to say struggling because that really doesn't define it. It's too heavy of a word. Maybe heavily pondering is a better description.

 The things she shared about her life sounded so similar to some things I have been experiencing...or have experienced, or have thought about. It was like a 10 minute hug and an it's going to be ok. Definitely something I don't want to forget. It felt so intentional...as if the Lord orchestrated the whole thing.


Just, wow. Oh, and her husband has a passion for Harley's. Just like Greg. Umm, that could mean trouble, but I'm not too worried.

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Darcie said...

I agree my friend! "Wow"...love when we see His hand in things, especially when it is SO clear. Sounds like you have had quite the journey, and I love too when we can see the growth in our own life.

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