October 6, 2013

Last day of September

Just a quick check in (for you sweet folks who requested one). Let me tell you, I would love to write in detail about all that has gone on since my last post....but, I fear I'm becoming a lot more wise private in my old age. Days of wearing my heart on my sleeve may be behind me. What's that saying- burned once shame on you, burned twice shame on me? Something like that. I wasn't really "burned", but couldn't think of a saying for what it was. Greg tells me I get my sayings mixed up. Just yesterday I told him about how someone (we know) runs to the beat of their own drum. I continued on with my profound statement(and respect & awe of this person), but he got stuck on the visual of a guy running to the beat of a drum. Makes perfect sense to me--drum beats + running. Running, walking? We are still debating which it should be. Anyway.....I feel like I've learned much these past few months.

My friend, Jess, just wrote (on her blog) what have been my thoughts for some time, but words I have not figured out how to put on paper. I love that. When you read someone's {a friend's} words {thoughts}and you think ...yes, yes I totally agree. Or, simply, wow, that is just what I have been thinking, going through. Truly, it's comforting, and empowering all in one.

I would love to go into detail about the dinner with Greg's old gal pal ( a dinner where we were meeting her new fiance) and upon first handshake with her beau I realized that I had "sorta dated and definitely kissed" him (back during college days). He either did not remember me, or pretended not to...not sure...but for various reasons, I had to keep this little fact to myself until Greg & I got in the car for our ride home(5 hrs later). I felt awkward sharing that tiny bit of ancient history at this special meeting and didn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable.  Of all the people....regardless, the evening was fun.

So, you are welcome. I just shared a sort of detailed event.

And here are some little facts....
~Our new favorite place is the zoo....especially on one of these beautiful fall days.
~The movie Babe (about Babe Ruth) has been watched a lot lately-brings me to weepy tears every time.
~I think Greg is addicted to Lowe's. He seems to find any excuse to go there, and most always comes home with some sort of garage organizing device.
~My 79 yr old mom was scammed by a concrete contractor. He took her $1800 and ran. She's feisty and wise, and is suing him.
~I'm addicted to full fat Greek yogurt drenched in maple syrup and covered with walnuts.

That's all I've got for now. But, I feel some more blogging coming on....especially because the boys just announced yesterday was the "best day ever".


Sweat Is My Sanity said...

Oh, I'm glad that post struck a chord eith you. That's how I felt after reading one of Edies's the othet day....love that. That new syrup, walnuts and yogurt addiction sounds strange. :) I need to catch up on your blog and definitely keep at it. Xo, Jess

Ruth J said...

I have been quiet on my blog... but mine is more a case of uncertainty about whether it even makes sense any more. :-/

I found a new hobby and lots going on at this end, so I will figure that out by and by. I am glad you're doing well.

Darcie said...

Glad for the update! I understand the whole need for knowing when to share, and went not to share. Funny, how sometimes I think I could be more honest and forthright on my blog now more then ever, because I really don't know who all really checks in on it. I truly blog for myself anymore(that and a record for my family).

S said...

I'm so happy to hear your update.
I hate that we've never gotten together now that you've been "home" all this time.
I let myself be busy and I don't like that about myself. I feel like I can't wedge a thing in, but then lament that we never do anything.
I have issues.
Thanks for blogging!

S said...

S = Stacy... my acct is all wonky now.

Rebecca said...

YAY!!! I love reading your updates, and hearing how life with R and S is!! Thanks for posting. Miss you. XOXOXOX

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