January 26, 2014

On Home

( From earlier this week)....Home with a headache that won't go away....and sort of thankful for a reason not to have to drive through the snow and cold to drop the boys off to their regularly scheduled "thing". Lately, we've been on the go and out of the house every.single.day. You guys know that is not my cup o tea, at all. I'm a big advocate for not over scheduling. Anyway, being home all day today was heavenly. Hot meals were served, school work was completed, books were read, wii dance was performed, phone calls were answered, the boys were happy and not haggard from running here and there...and....and, what's my point?

Just thinking out loud. How do I keep our lives on a good flow, and avoid following the crowd of busy-ness? There are a lot of fun/ educational classes/ things we could be doing( and are doing), but should we be doing them? Some, maybe...others probably not.

I've noticed a new trend lately....people stepping away from outside commitments, Facebook, blogging, or whatever and stepping back into their lives. Being present. I love this movement....especially because the years we have our kids at home are short. Truly, it's a short season. I want to make it a good one.

Some of my favorite words, lately....

Moving forward ( yeah, 2 words, but I like 'em)

And my favorite lyrics this week....

The sun comes up it's a new day dawning
It's time to sing your song again
Whatever may come and whatever lies before us
May I be singing when the evening comes


Ruth J said...

I like those words too... although I have a constant struggle with that third one. As long as I can keep pressing... moving forward... it's all good though.

I am sorry to hear you're not feeling 100%, and I hope you will feel better soon. Take it easy, M.


Ruth J said...
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rebecca said...

So good to see you hear!! Love that song. I really hope we can chat soon, so much to catch up on.

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