October 11, 2010


 Our new state has so many festivals......seriously. Each weekend, we have our choice of a dozen we can attend. Some are good....some great....and some are a waste of our time. We've experienced all kinds. I'm not a big fan of large crowds...especially festival crowds. Though...it has been a great way to get a taste of NJ.  The photo above is from a little festival that had everything from karaoke....to carnival rides(we avoided those). The photo below is of our all time favorite festival so far.....Millbrook Historic Days.
 We were not too sure if this would be something the boys would enjoy.....turned out that they loved it all. They even stopped someone to tell them how "interesting" they found the festival. They were especially drawn to all the musicians. This lady had a beautiful voice and great talent for the dulcimer(I think that's what it was). She gave Sammy a little lesson. Very sweet.
They experienced life in the 'ol days...

 Again...drawn to the music. They sat right up front to listen to a string band. The musicians were so nice to the boys.

                                        They invited them to try out a few instruments and toys.

The old school was really interesting. I loved hearing about the way they used to teach.....and loved some of the old time techniques. That's Grandma an Papa sitting behind the boys....they were visiting for the weekend.
 After we took a break for lunch.....really good chili and homemade pie....the boys asked to stop and listen to the string band again. This time the band invited the boys to play the washboard.....the boys kept beat for the band.

 After....Ross said that he felt like a real musician. I think we are ready to start some lessons....which instrument? They have asked to play the drums.....not the best choice for apartment dwellers. Our piano was left back in NY....their fingers may need to grow into the guitar. Decisions! Maybe I should get them a couple of washboards :)

 Then the boys joined in on some grass games. The man leading the group was so friendly. He shared that he had graduated his kids from homeschooling....he was very encouraging.
 Potato sack races......

 Three legged race.......good thing Papa was there to be an extra leg.
 Tug of war.....they all did this a couple of times. That would be my least favorite grass game. Ouch.
 Learning how to do something with corn (husk it...core it?) They loved this.

I think this is the crab walk? There was also cider making.....an old church.....so many neat things. The boys fell asleep on the way home, but had a wonderful time. The weather was great too.
This is not from the historic festival.....but I liked it...it is from a festival :)


really.truly said...

BTW- You all were so encouraging. Thank you so much. I'm still in and out of my funk...more out though :) Your words..knowing I'm not alone...it's like a long distance hug.

bunny, The Paris House said...

Hi Mimi
First of all , how is Sammy?? hope his fever has passed, I'm praying it does soon!!
Everything you did in this post looks so nice, good old fashioned fun, which is my favorite way to spend a weekend day.
I read your post below and please know the Lord is listening and the light will come soon and you will feel more settled. You have a beautiful family and together you will never be alone and always have love and warmth. I do think a little brisk morning walk will help your spirits a bit, I have been getting out each morning when I have time and it helps me feel happier and less stressed.
I miss you all and would love love love to meet one weekend for lunch perhaps at our brew pub down the road, it is so casual and fun. Josh always asks about Greg, he really liked him and wants to get together. Let me know when you are free
Sending much love your way

Wendy said...

Love the photos...we miss all the festivals we got to enjoy while in NY. :( Looks like you all had some great family time.

Life with Kaishon said...

You guys have so much fun! And Sam and Ross are so cute. I can't really even stand it. I would like to hug their little cheeks : ) and hear them laugh.

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