May 23, 2011

{Another} Fine Day

I have a back log of photos to upload. I'll start with a few from this past weekend. Grandma & Papa came for a visit. We are always looking for new places to take them. Because it had been rainy every day for a hundred and five days {I may be exaggerating a bit} we decided to head to the beach. Surprisingly, we found sun along with the sand. Woo hoo!

We were excited to find a {free} concert going on near the beach. Godrocks! was performing. We have one of their DVD' was so fun to see them live in action. After this concert, we considered going back for more of this celebration, but didn't.
 Ross and Sam used to dance and groove like crazy while out in public. Lately, they have gotten a little reserved......and unusually embarrassed by their grooving mom.
 I did notice some toe tapping and a little air guitar....maybe by the boys, maybe by dad?
 We walked through a cute town.....that I have now decided should be our next "move" destination. The whole atmosphere of the town was peaceful and calm. We all loved it. It was the cleanest and calmest beach we've seen so far {in NJ}.

 The weather was perfect! We enjoyed watching one lone surfer. The boys enjoyed getting totally wet.

 They can't resist sand and surf.

We then drove down to another beach. This one was a bit more active. Some mini golf, sno cones, and lots of people watching.
 I loved this scene....a couple musicians, bikers, and a newly married couple strolling by.
 Greg was trying to convince me to join this adventurous group of ladies. I think I'll pass.


Darcie said...

You have inspired explore! I love how your family always goes on little mini adventures! It's not about those big expensive trips, but the free outing to the town next door that are really the best. Glad for your fun day!

Tara said...

Glad y'all found some sun and sand! We found a lot of heat and sand ourselves this past weekend. I'm sure the grandparents always enjoy coming to see y'all!

Wendy said...

Looks like a lovely town, and a really nice day. And I SOOO think you should do the Roller Derby thing. I was seriously considering doing it, then we got moved to NY and had more babies. Perhaps when I'm older.....LOL ;)

carole said...

Ha! I could actually see you being awesome at roller derby. But I don't mean it in an insulting kind of way. :)
Glad you had such a lovely time exploring.

Cristie Ritz King, M. Ed said...

Is the first town Ocean Grove? It is most lovely. WHen we first moved I drove my daughter to a ballet class there. She performed in that Great Auditorium. It's a dreamy place!
I'm loving that we "found" each other. I'm not sure where you came from but I can relate to missing home but excited about new adventures.
Moving can be such freedom to reinvent yourself or remember exactly who you are.
Guess who also considered joining those roller derby chicks not so long ago?:)

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