May 19, 2011

Did You Know?

I'm having another sleep-deprived week. It started with insomnia and is ending with that crazy lack of sleep feeling. Y'know when you feel like laughing one minute...crying the next....and want to pass out the next. Maybe that's actually pre-menopause??

So, because I am slap~happy and we are home bound with a fever filled boy....I will share with you a few things that you may or may not know about me.

*I will eat really weird food concoctions. All of the vegetarian variety {though I am not a vegetarian}. I love roasted peppers,onions, and mustard on I pepper hummus, swiss cheese on rye. I love cheese puffs with cottage cheese. Basically, I will eat all and any veggie concoction you give me....add dressing and I am in food heaven.

*I've determined that for one week out of the month I am in a complete fog. Usually, you might not hear from me during that time. I may not return emails or phone calls. It's not's the zombie like floating state that I'm in. I cannot put a thought together , and even if I did it would not make sense. Sadly, this is not that this month I will have 2 weeks like that. Oh, joy.

*My heart will literally ache for people. I'm sensitive{this we know}but I truly believe that this is the way the good Lord made me....and for a reason. I'm a fan of the underdog....and get very fired up if I see them treated wrong. I love quirky, sweet people who don't really fit in....or at least, they don't blend in. Who wants to blend in anyway?  {something happened this week that really.truly got me so upset in regards to this particular subject}. Oh, that's another thing.....

*I sometimes have a hard time letting go....of things, words that have hurt me, thoughts, the past. Yep, I'm working on that. I surprisingly will forgive easily, but the past will creep back into my, I guess I don't forget easily.

gosh, this is sort of therapeutic.

*Ummm, though I have a blog and sit here writing about myself.....I don't like attention drawn to myself.  I often publish a blog post and worry that it will be taken in the wrong way. I never want anyone to feel bad. Maybe that's why I share so many of my insecurities or hard days?

Your turn, want to share something about yourself?


Tara said...

I hate having all eyes on me and am generally a private person. I ALWAYS worry about the way my words are interpreted because things I've said have been misconstrued so many times. It literally takes me weeks to get over it when people confront me over things they took the wrong way. I almost obsess about it at times.

Sorry you aren't feeling on top of your game this week. Hopefully, next week is much better!

really.truly said...

I just just cut and paste your comment into my post.....I feel the SAME way!

Thanks for sharing T!

Ruth said...

If that's pre-menopause, I must be right around the corner. Bring it on! (I sooooo want to find a sane reason for my sleepless nights. Ugh!)

My feisty-ness shows up when I encounter hypocrisy, so I avoid persons who are so inclined. I have very low tolerance for dishonesty of all sorts.

I have never met a coconut treat I didn't like, and I think coconut milk fixes everything. :D

Feel better soon.

really.truly said...

I love chocolate and coconut!! I've just tried the milk. I need to learn more about this interesting drink...I've noticed that it's in all the stores now.

I have low tolerance for dishonesty and hypocrisy, too. I get frustrated when it goes on without notice.

I took a shower and had a lot of iced tea....worked wonders! And the sun is shining ;)

really.truly said...

Oops Tara....I meant I SHOULD just cut and paste your comment.

And I was thinking coconut water, not milk. Ruth, I forgot to ask you to email me your rice and red peas w/coconut milk recipe!

Ruth said...

Recipe, Mimi?! I thought you knew me better than that! LOL.

It's easier for me to explain when we talk next because if I start writing, I'm going to confuse us both!

We do a lot by sight here, but I'll do my best to explain.

Wendy said...

I met another Mimi today...her name is Maryanne but she goes by Mimi.....I thought that was interesting. :) Sorry your feeling 'foggy'.....not fun, I know. And sorry you have a sick one.....good excuse to cuddle up on the couch and read some great books, though. We have lots of stay-in-my-jammies-til-3-in-the-afternoon days around here! Well, for me anyway! LOL Glad to see you posting again, but i know what you mean about not feeling it.

Anonymous said...

I love all those things about you. I think maybe when you're more sensitive, life affects you so much more dramatically - but in a good way. So you may have lower-lows and worry and all that stuff, but you're also a very warm-hearted and loving person. It reminds me of the very best parts of my mother-in-law (who died 6 years ago). She was always on the side of the underdog - that is why she ended up adopting 5 kids from foster care.

I hate being the center of attention. I wanted to hide on my wedding day, and the look on my face as I walked down the aisle was priceles. I looked green and like I was going to throw up. I felt like it too. I hated it.

My weird guilty pleasure - PICKLE SANDWICHES! Wheat toast, sliced tomatoes,sliced pickles (not the round ones, the other guys), pepper, and mustard. Best thing ever. If I'm feeling really wild, I'll throw in some peppercini's.

Maybe you need to start posting some photos of your concoctions for those times that you don't feel like writing! I think we'd all enjoy seeing what's going on in your kitchen! :)

Darcie said...

So I read your post, and then I read some comments, and they you realize why there is a handful of bloggers you get along with so well...because we have so many things in common!

I too understand that fog induced state...mine...this week. Totally wiped and yet I have to keep going!

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