March 22, 2010

NJ Adventure #2....A pleasant surprise

I had such a great surprise this week. I realized after all was done....if we had not moved to NJ ....this little surprise might never have happened.

I can't remember exactly when I met Darcie(Life's Unfolding Story)....but I know that we instantly clicked. I should say....when we met through our blogs. So,when Darcie sent me an email last week sharing that she would be in a neighboring state....we both started mapquesting and googling to see if a meet up would work. We decided to meet in the middle....each driving over an hour.

I'm SO glad that the visit worked out. The weather was beautiful...sunny and warm. Now, my route would take me on the Garden State if it had been a rainy day I'm not sure if my nerves would have allowed the visit. G was already a bit nervous about me making the drive...knowing how aggresive that route can be. I was one determined lady.....the GSP was not going to stand in my way of meeting this lovely duo. Actually....I don't believe the drive would have been possible without Carmin the Garmin(the boys named our GPS).

I have to say.....the whole thing felt surreal. I'm standing in a parking a hug to Darcie...and feeling like it's not really happening. When you've gotten to know someone through their blog....and emails...and then the feels like you know them forever, yet you are physically meeting for the first time. It almost messes with your head a you know what I mean?'s so very real....and so very cool.

Speaking of very real.....Darcie and her sweet daughter Kylie are so very real....and so very cool. We talked non-stop and more than once they had me laughing so hard my face and belly hurt. I could go on and on. Ross and Sam came along for this special visit....we found a cute park that kept them fairly occupied during our 2 hour chat fest. But....after a while...the boys got a bit tired and the girls had to make the drive back to meet up with their family. Boo was hard to say good bye.

Kylie made this creative picture for the boys.....let me tell you, Kylie is one great young woman. She is mature and charming.....I just love her.

Of course, the visit did have it's silly events.....I kept losing my car key??? I realize now that I can be a bit ahem unorganized ahem.  On top of car alarm kept going off..which then would cause my sound sensitive boys to cover their ears and cry(just a bit). So then...because I lost my key...I could not turn the alarm off. You get the picture.

Darcie and Kylie were so sweet about it all. We did take a few pictures together, but I'm going to be honest....I looked so frumpy, I just couldn't stomach posting them. I know, I sound vain...but if you had seen the would understand wink wink.

On that note....I was scheduled to get my hair cut(it was looking super ragged-hadn't been cut in 2 months!) by Tabatha Coffey's salon the next day....y'know the Salon Takeover/Shear Genius gal.......that's a story for another post.

So....Darcie and Kylie....I love you girls....missed you as soon as our cars drove off in different directions!


Tara said...

Ok...I'm jealous that I missed out! We WILL meet one day. Promise! Glad y'all had fun and isn't it funny that something just as simple as sitting in a park listening to your horn blow, was perfect?!?!

Darcie said...

I would have driven those 16 hours in that direction just to meet you! You and the boys were seriously the highlight of my trip!!! I totally get what you mean about it all being surreal. When I left I too had to remind myself that it really happened.

Kylie will be so touched that you blogged about her drawing. I told her afterwards that it would mean alot to you that she had done that.

We love you and your dear family and hopefully(cross our fingers), it will happen again someday. Look for my post this week...I am sure you knew it would be coming.

Wendy said...

I'm so glad you got to meet a bloggy friend IRL...that is so cool! Sounds like things are settling down a bit. ;)

Kylie said...

Heyy Mimi!
You are so sweet. Mom has been talking about your post and I decided to get on and check it out. That day was incredible. I was very lucky to get to come along, and wouldn't have traded that for anything. It was a neat thing, that even though none of us had ever ment, we still did in a way that forms a friendship worth holding onto. Your family is wonderful, and im looking forward to seeing you all again some day. Thank you for the encouragement and friendship you give Mom too. She is very lucky to have you. I hope everything will turn out great in your new home! Your love is returned in full!!
- Kylie

p.s. - my psychiatrist feels like i am finally able to hold normal conversations without that dreadful lying coming out. whew, what a relief. ;)

really.truly said...

Oh my goodness...Kylie, you have me laughing so hard ;) Every time I think of that moment during our visit...I smile.

Stacey said...

How fun! I don't know how I would be if I got to meet someone IRL?

bunny, The Paris House said...

Hi Mimi, that is so wonderful you were able to meet a blogging friend nearby!! ( I tried to leave a comment last night, but my computer kept throwing me off line every time I tried to post...I sometimes have trouble when it rains hard because we have stone walls and then its like we are living in the 1600's around here...nothing works LOL!!) anyway...Your friend Darcie and her daughter look and sound so wonderful and sweet!
Let me know when you are free, I'll meet you anywhere. We are around now. Olly is off from school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We can all get together or meet for lunch/park etc. let me know your schedule. Maybe it will be nice and we can go to the park next week.

Serendipity is Sweet said...

That is so awesome! I've never met a bloggy friend IRL. There are many I'd love to meet though...including you ;)

Delane said...

Can I say I'm jealous?
What a fantastic opportunity! If I am ever on that side of the country - we will meet!
So happy for both of you...and still a little jealous :)

Life with Kaishon said...

I can't imagine that anyone would NOT love to meet someone as cool and fun as you : )

Pilar said...

That is so cool, I am so glad you guys got to meet. It is funny how close you can get to somehow that you only know by this bloggy world, so it is a blessing to be able to meet face by face.

Alicia said...

This was so very sweet, and awesome!!!

I read Darcie's post, and I was so happy for you guys!! Sounds like everything was wonderful!

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