March 4, 2010

So Much.....

....has happened in such a short time. This move has had me on an emotional roller coaster....usually in the span of a minute. Up....down....up....down. Most of the time, I am feeling joy. But then I start thinking about everything....feeling homesick.....moving from the home that we built to this rental.....and the joy starts to fade. It's as if my mind is saying....."you shouldn't be feeling joy, you left your family and close left a spacious home and property and now rent a small townhouse among rows and rows of rentals". It doesn't seem rational to feel joy. That's when I know that it MUST be God. Only the Lord can fill me with this joy.

I'm slowly re-programming my brain. Re-programming the way I think.

What I have always believed, but have never been tested that being with my family...having my husband love his far more important than having a large house...and all the fancy material things that go with it.

As Greg said....."we've done big.....I'm tired of big...I'm tired of house projects and yard work". He seems like a weight is off his shoulders. A bigger weight will be off once we sell the house. It's going on the market this weekend. Praying.

So....let me share a few stories from our move.....

*My oldest friends (Greg's friend's too!) planned a going away dinner for Sat night.....we were so chaotic...I was so emotional (weepy at everything) that we did not make it to our own going away dinner. I was a wreck on Saturday.

*I met a homeschooler in the hotel lobby....she seems really sweet and has already called, sharing info.
*Ross threw up in that same hotel.....during the buffet breakfast. (that's a full story in itself)

*Our rental was SO filthy. G and I were so sad/frustrated when we walked through. It's finally clean and many problems have been fixed...including a new washer/dryer/dishwasher. These are supposed to be "luxury rentals"...I was shocked.

*While having a crazy first day, I started chatting with a really sweet couple who were moving out of our complex. We shared frustrations about our rentals and exchanged phone numbers...after chatting and coming up with a plan for us to take their rental. Anyway....I had no idea....but the guy is a professional football player(Marqeus Douglas) who played for the NY Jets. They were on their way to NC where they own a home and he will play for the Panthers. He was so nice and came over and said "hi" to Ross and Sam. They said that there are more Jet's players in our complex (I'm keeping my eyes open-not that I'd have a clue who they were). Their training camp is down the road.

*I have lots of pics to upload (my laptop is still not working) We just got online....catching up on things. Still  unpacking....feeling completely disoriented. My life feels completely different....I barely recognize it. More soon......
Miss y'all.


Tara said...

I just saw something suspicious☺ on my statcounter and came to see if you were online. Yay! You are back! I have missed you!

So sorry about the rental being disgusting! Like you needed anything more to deal with during the move. I will have to keep an eye out for Mr. Douglas this season. Did you happen to ask them how much they like NC *wink*??

Darcie said...

WOW...I felt like I just went on a small part of that little roller coaster rider with you. I have been there...different roller coaster...different cites but I understand. But I love how you express you can still feel the joy, and that is what you have to focus on when it gets just a bit overwhelming.

About G's comment and been there done that with the BIG house, and stuff. We are right is not all it is cracked up to be. The more stuff you have...the more burden you have. Enjoy this phase in your life...this new chapter, and most of all enjoy your sweet dear family. So glad you are back and we will take what we can get when you have time to post.

carole said...

Yay! So happy to hear from you and to know that there are glimpses of joy and goodness in all of this.

StacyB said...

Glad you checked in, Mimi.
Each day you will see more blessings revealed!

Serendipity is Sweet said...

Oh, I'm so glad you posted. I've missed you and thought about you many times in the past few weeks. I'm glad you are starting to get settled. Things will get better day by day, I'm sure. How awesome that you've already made some new connections. That sounds so promising. I know this road has not been an easy one, but a new adventure awaits you and brighter days are coming.

Love and blessings to you and your family!

carol said...

Feels like a hole in my heart when the reality of knowing you're not just a car ride away...
But God....I know this is His will for your life, and I can't wait to hear all the exciting things that He has planned for all of you...Give the boys a hug. I'll call soon. Love you!!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh Mimi! I can feel your stress. I am sad that you are frustrated and hurting. I know God has something VERY exciting ahead for you. I am praying! XO

PS Can not believe you missed your goodbye dinner! WOW

Delane said...

I've missed hearing you stories, so glad you are back. Hope you get settled in and keep that JOY, and it must be from the Lord - you're right.

Jana Guild said...

It's so good to hear your update - the emotional roller coaster is to be expected. Change is good, but change is also uncomfortable.

How nice to hear that Greg is happier. Stay at home and homeschooling moms do have a hard job, but providing financially is a different kind of stress altogether. A happy husband is a happy father and is far more valuable than anything else.

Sorry to hear about your rental - how frustrating. I hope it starts to feel more like home soon - maybe a "new" feeling of home with new things in life to experience.

Can't wait for your pictures.

Hugs to you!

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