December 14, 2010


 There are different seasons in our life.......the typical....spring, summer, fall, winter.....and then the other kind. The literal....seasons of life. They can last a few months.....maybe longer, maybe shorter. We've been in our new state for about 9 months now. In about our 3rd month here.....we met another family in a crazy similar situation as ours. They had just sold their house, were living in a much smaller apartment, homeschoolers (same philosophy of schooling) kids the same age, adoption in common, our husbands got along well....I could go on and on. Bottom line...we just clicked. They traveled a bit.....we hung out with them as much as their time allowed. The mom and I could chat for hours.....the kids all had fun together. It was easy and comfortable.....and filled a hole that was deep and open. We were missing friends back home....we were in a new season of our life.....and so were they. I truly believe we were meant to cross paths and help each other along the way. 

The hard part......their time here is up and they are now off to sunny beaches......eventually to life on a boat. How cool is that? We said our goodbyes till we meet agains last week. We have plans to meet up again....I'm certain that they will be life long friends. Our season with these new close by....has changed. And we will miss them....and our many adventures together.

Christmas season is in full swing.....we added some ribbon and a 99 cent star from IKEA to our little tree. I cannot find our stockings or ornaments anywhere. Our storage unit back home gives me a stomach's filled with so many of our things. We need to empty it....use the stuff or lose the stuff.
 The winter season is coming soon.....this season is so different in our new state. I woke to the boys yelling "snow!! can we go out and stand in it?" Stand in it? Why not play in it? Well, because.....notice how much snow we have? It's there....I promise....see the white stuff around the cul-de-sac curb? Just enough to stand in.....I'm sure it will be melted by the afternoon. That's ok.....we are going to try and make the best of this new season.


Tara said...

I think we got more snow than that in NC on Sunday night.....we didn't but back home they did. I'm pretty sure NJ will get its share of snow. Sorry your friends had to go but their new adventure sounds fun and hopefully you will see them again!

Darcie said...

So sorry your new(but life long friends) had to move on. It's hard to say those "see ya later", but having faith that you will see each other again someday will keep your heart warm.

Hoping it snows a pretty white on you all before Christmas.

Pilar said...

You snow look like our snow down here. It snowed all sunday and monday, and at the end of the two days I think we had less snow than that :).
Don't worry, God will bring someone else to fill that spot your friends left.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a snow storm you had!!! Just enough to build a 4 inch snowman!

Meeting friends and saying goodbye to friends really stinks. We met some good friends who, after a year, had to move to Virginia. They came over so much they were like family, and I even found myself grocery shopping with their likes in mind.... We'd actually found friends who could put up with us -and then...they had to go.

I guess that's why we have to try and enjoy the moment. Even the irritating ones!! :)


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