December 1, 2010

Just Sayin'

(pathetic little tree....but I love it)

It's been a lazy, coughing and stuffy nose....couple of days. It's actually been really nice. Because I had a headache and just...felt like yuck....I declared these sick days. We've had so many educational opportunities....just happen. As a homeschool mom, I have this habit of always looking at each situation and it's potential for learning. It's amazing....and exciting....when you realize that there are SO many of these opportunities. Actually, they aren't opportunities....they are just life moments...and we all have them.  Being aware makes you think in terms of.....hmmm, how can I guide this in an interesting, they learn so much when it's something they are interested in....and just go with it.

So...that's not the point of this post.....why I'm writing today is because I've been thinking about many things over the past month....and those thoughts are all coming together. Sort of.

(the boys are stuffy and tired....but warm and cozy)

A few days ago, I wrote about my favorite boots. Yes, I love boots....and coats. Growing up in needed a warm coat and boots. I a child....first putting my feet in a bread bag and then inserting foot and bag in my snow boots. These days....there is no need for a bread are made warmer and keep feet drier. Though, I love that my childhood meant stuffing my foot into a Wonder bag....just a fun memory. I was the youngest of 5 kids.....and a child of a frugal mom. We were comfortable growing up.....never wanting for anything, but my mother believed in pinching pennies. She believed in quality and not quantity. My boot story told of quantity....not necessarily quality....though they seem well made. Just sayin'.

After writing my boot post, I thought.....does 1 gal need 4 pairs of boots? Probably not. I felt a little embarrassed. I wanted to share my great hopes that others might find a bargain too( I probably only spent $80 total for all 4 pairs). But...all I can think about is people without boots.

Over the past few months, I have been coming to terms with the fact that our living situation has changed. Yes, I'm allowed to feel sad about our was a huge change, a sudden change. But, y'know's not a big deal. There are far more bigger deals out there. Huge deals.

Each time I start to get annoyed at my small kitchen.....or tiny appliances....I start to think...."get over it, girl!". Each time I complain that my toilet has overflowed....or my sink is clogged(daily)...I tell myself...."no biggie".

Seriously, there are so many hard situations out there.....people struggling with really hard things.

 Having a roof over our head, being able to stay home with my boys, having food in my fridge, having good health......these are things we shouldn't take for granted.

Each time I start to notice myself going in that wrong direction with my thoughts.....well, all it takes is one thought about someone I know who is struggling with something harder...and my perspective falls into place. Yes, I'm allowed to feel sad....or angry about certain things....and certain changes....but perspective is everything.
(my reality.....and keepers of my heart)

So, forgive me if I've whined a bit too much.  Forgive me if I've lost my focus here and there. Moments when I have to be being sick with a cold, on the couch.....helps me to think clearly. And helps me to remember what is important....and real.


Life with Kaishon said...

Me too. Thanks for reminding me.
I love the little keepers of your heart. They melt mine!

Alicia said...

I know what you mean!! I've done that many times too, and I know there are people out there in worst situations.

Look at your boys! They are growing so much!!! So cute, and I just love their smiles!

Darcie said...

That is so strange? I swore I commented on this post last week...hmph? But I agree with your thoughts...we have it SO good...even when we don't think we do. Reminds me of a post I was going to do a while back, but never did..just with a quote I heard. "A fool counts his problems, while a wise man counts his blessing."

Love the pictures of S&R.

Anonymous said...

You have to just let your heart be real - and sometimes we're filled with gratitude and other times, we can't seem to see what's all around us. It's human and we all do it. But if we don't see, our joy is sapped.

I spent three years (which were three of the most precious of my life) complaining. I could not see what I had. And then my circumstances changed for a year and suddenly I could see again. Of course that year I thought was the worst of my life, and now looking back, it was just as wonderful! Our in the moment perceptions are so blinded sometimes and then we look back ...and always wish we could revisit that time, or wish we would have just enjoyed it a little more. :)

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