December 7, 2010

Slumps Happen

 Since we returned from our T-Day trip home.....we have all been either sick....or recovering from being sick. Everyone got better, but me. That's when I realized that being sick and feeling not quite myself sort of morphed together.

We have totally fallen off our routine....notice I didn't say schedule. I'm more of a daily routine person. So, combine being sick....with feeling funky..and lack of routine....and you get....slump.

From Wikipedia: Slump may refer to:
  • Slump, to slump; To assume a drooping posture; To fall or sink heavily; collapse.
There have been lots of messes being made.....and I've left the mess for hours....lots of hours. My theory is that creative fun was being made within those messes. Why mess with a creative mess. You know what I mean?
 I've been doing lots of laying around in my pajamas.....lots of it. Lots of time spent in cozy clothes....sipping hot tea and eating chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Way too much thinking going on, too.

The thing is...I realized that I don't want to fall or sink heavily.  I want to move forward.....I want to look up. I want to find my voice again.....I've truly lost it. Not just in blog land, but in daily life as well.

I've been resisting going into NYC for months. Poor Greg loves the city. He gets in for work often, but not for pleasure. This weekend we will venture in for pleasure. We are excited to see the city a big slice of pizza....walk around the park.

Last weekend, we went to the zoo at night.....for a holiday light festival. It was quick, but nice. I forgot my camera so the boys pretended to take pictures of everything we saw. People probably thought we were nuts walking around and clicking our fake cameras. We also drove around towns trying to figure out where we want to live.....we have 2 months until our lease is up. We may just stay in this a different unit. Or, we may rent a house somewhere. I thought this one was cute.
There is not one bit of snow on the ground. Back home.....they have a lot. I love me a good snow storm. Especially the snowstorms when we lived in our was like living in a snow globe.

I made up a bunch of different Christmas cards....only to decide not to make any. That's a first for us. Instead, I ordered a bunch of pictures of the boys and will put in cards. Seasons change...and so do we.


Tara said...

Oh my gosh...I got sick before Thanksgiving, thought I was getting over it (except for a nagging cough) and Saturday I started on Round 2. Round 2 is MUCH worse! My house is a wreck by my standards, lots of sitting around with the tv babysitting A.

I was supposed to be in NYC last weekend but decided against coming. Good thing, I guess. Cute house!!

Wendy said...

Oh, I wanna go into the city. I would love to see it all dolled up for Christmas, eat some pizza with you, and play in the snow back 'home'....I miss all of that! Seeing all the comments on Facebook about the snow is making me wish we were there right now. :( We've been a sort of funk here too, well me. No one has been sick...just so busy and overwhelmed with life some days. Such is life with five kids, two of which are under two! I just need to get the bathrooms clean and all the clutter taken care of...then I'll be better. Not sure when that will happen. I like the picture of the's cute. Can't wait to see where you settle. Enjoy your trip into the big city!

Anonymous said...

What a cute house! I love the porch and can picture a swing! Love it. That's just my style.....

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