December 15, 2010


For a few reasons, today I am ... my boys extra hugs and kisses. Lots of them
.....not going to stress about silly things
.... not going to doubt myself as a mother
.....or worry that I'm failing my boys
..... not going to feel homesick
..... not going to think about regrets, or wonder why a relationship has ended

..... going to remember that much is miscommunicated through blogs, emails, and text....and much is misunderstood
..... going to remember the good
....going to ease through the day. Not worrying that we should be doing this or that
.... going to believe that we are here because it's where we are supposed to be
....going to clean a bit and organize a lot
.... going to give the boys an early Christmas present
..... going to be thankful that my husband has a good job and one that he loves
..... going to remember that I'm not the only one that feels this way (and this has a variety of meanings)

And hopefully tomorrow I will do the same.


Tara said...

Some days I think we all have to intentionally remember to do or not to do these things. I know I do.

Pilar said...

One day at a time, it is the only way we can do it. Look up :)

Darcie said...

Love that last line! I think that is the trick...remember this all tomorrow and the day after that! Love ya girl!

Anonymous said...

:) every day it's a choice to think what you think about. You have nothing to lose by believing that everything is as it should be - it's all ok!

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