November 30, 2010

Where We've Been

We went home for was an on the go-non stop stuff.....kind of weekend. It feels a bit strange having to "visit" home for the holiday. We ran from place to place and just tried to soak in all that was around us. It felt great to be surrounded by loved ones.....surrounded by people who knew us so well. These pictures don't capture half of our 4 days camera is on it's way I don't pick it up that often.

Good people, good food, good laughs......did I mention good food?

The weekend also brought hard moments.......Greg's grandma had a heart attack the night before Thanksgiving and then another one on Thanksgiving day. Amazingly.....thankfully.....she was home from the hospital on Friday. She is one amazing and special lady. We all just adore her. Thanksgiving day was not the same without her, but we are so glad that she is home again.

Upon arriving back to our "new home"....our sweet neighbors invited us over for lunch the following day. We had tons of laundry....and were just exhausted, but they are just such sweet we said... yes. Unfortunately, their 2 children(baby and toddler) were sick.....and now the boys and I are sick.

The upcoming month may be filled with lots of busy-ness....visitors and visits. I'm not sure what to do about Christmas. I really want to sleep in my own bed, but spending it away from family feels odd. Not sure. We'll do what's best for the boys. Our new life brings new decisions......and on that subject.....we have 2 months to find a new place to live(sent in our non-renewel notice). We are excited and....well......hopeful. I was going to say....worried....but, I've decided to think in a more positive way. what we are.


T said...

Glad you were able to go "home" for Thanksgiving. Hoping Grandma is doing better. I know seeing y'all made her happy.

Darcie said...

Feel the same as T...glad you got home for Christmas. Hope Greg's grandma continues to recover. As for the next will do what is right for you all. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Life with Kaishon said...

I vote for you to move to Souderton Pennsylvania and live next door to Kaish and I : )

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