November 16, 2010

My New Combo

No, I didn't say my new condo.....though, that may be in our future. I have finally come to realize something....I make terrible coffee. Maybe not terrible, but it's always either too strong or too weak. And let me tell you....I love a good cup of joe.

Something interesting happens as soon as the weather changes.....and it starts gettting a little chilly outside.....I start to crave...chocolate and peppermint. My seasonal comfort foods. Yes, I do enjoy a good pumpkin latte, but that's a whole 'nother subject.

I happened upon these 3 tasty items at my new favorite grocery store........

{Trader Joe's peppermint cookies}

{Peppermint hot cocoa}
{Trader Joe's instant coffee}

(by the way.....the pic's are all from google images-I'm feeling too lazy to take my own)

I never thought I'd like instant coffee, but the TJ's really is good....I mix it with the cocoa and it's delicious. The can says to put 3 big spoonfuls of cocoa in a mug....of course, I must follow the directions. Add a cookie....or 3 and you have a wonderful, cozy combo.

{I've had many thoughts and situations this week....I just haven't written all my thoughts down yet. I tend to procrastinate in that area....among others. Things are good, learning something new each day}


Ruth said...

Out of curiosity, Mimi... why do you call hot chocolate cocoa?

In JA, it's not the same, so I wonder... are they both the same thing there?

really.truly said...

Ruth....e-mailing you :)

Darcie said...

Sounds like my kind of treat! Chocolate and peppermint!

Delane said...

OH...Trader Joe's is my favorite. Everything there is amazing. Have you tried the Candy Cane Oreos? TO DIE FOR, seriously

Anonymous said...

I had no idea this wonderful coffee world existed! What I've been missing!

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