November 8, 2010

Two Good Reads

Great post..... Are you enjoying your homeschool journey? 

Another great article..... interesting homeschooling article 

In regards to my boys and myself....the less we have scheduled outside the home, the happier we are. Sammy actually cried "not again!"  the other day because he was tired of leaving the house. For me, after being out all day....I walk in our door and say "ahhhhh, home at last". I want our home.....wherever it may be a place of refuge and rest.

And, if you walked in my house right'd hear Sam and Ross jamming on the keyboard....playing Somewhere Beyond the Sea. Over the weeked we made an impulse purchase....a keyboard with keys that light up to help you learn the songs. It has a ton of pre-recorded songs on of those songs being the above mentioned. There is also a microphone attached.....can you guess who does vocals? A-hem, that would be me. I can't resist....and that song is quickly becoming one of our favorites.


Darcie said...

How great is that! I am sure they are lovin' jammin' out with their momma! I can hear you singing from all the way over here.

Have I mentioned how much I love seeing frequent post from you again? I do!

Wendy said...

Sounds like loads of fun! The kids love our cheap ($3) Goodwill keyboard....not so 'fancy' as yours but fun all the same. We don't have too many activities right now but we've been there before and I can SO relate to that sense of relief at being home again. Glad you're enjoying some down time.

Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

Hi Mimi,
This is wonderful, I like the layout and feel of you blog!! Good for you, now so many people can read it and enjoy all the inspirational things you have to say. I hope Greg is feeling better??? I was hoping to see all of you over Halloween weekend but perhaps we can get together soon. ( we just had dinner spur of the moment at Legal Seafood, it was fun and yummy plus I didn't have to cook or do dishes tonight ...Hurray!!)
The keyboard sounds like a blast and I am sure the boys are having lots of fun.
Call me when you are free
PS, this Saturday we may be going to lunch at the Brew Pub after Oliver's soccer, see how Greg is feeling and maybe we can meet???

FairyLover said...

I can so relate to your need to stay home. I love the days we stay at home. Unfortunately, Dakota wakes up every morning and asks, "Where we goin' today Mom." Usually even before he says Good Morning. I long so much for days at home.


Kelly Mine said...

yes...staying at home is best. i'm becoming a hermit. not really, but when i'm out, i'd really rather be home.

Anonymous said...

How fun! My boys would love that - I might need to get one too :)

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