April 15, 2011

Brooklyn and another Bridge

We had a couple of visitors this past weekend.....Grandma and Papa. Friday evening I took Grandma to her usual Ikea trip(she loves Ikea) while Papa went to Boys Brigade with the guys.
The boys had been preparing and building race cars each Friday. Papa was fortunate to be visiting for the special race event.....and be there when his grandson's won 1st and 2nd place {what are the chances?!}
Saturday was beautiful....so we went on an adventure into Brooklyn. Much to my {and Grandma's} dismay we crossed over a rather large and long bridge. I'm telling you, these bridges are beginning to annoy me.

The boys held my hands as we crossed. At one point, I held the camera up in the air and snapped a picture....I captured a freighter off in the distance.
Brooklyn is really neat. We loved ooohhhing and ahhhhing over the various houses and streets.

                                                          The museum was small, but fun.

We drove back over the bridge into Staten Island for lunch. We quickly found this great little Italian place {loved the strong Italian accents}
                                            Then it was home for popcorn and chilling.
                                                                  And a puppet show
Sunday.....we went to church, a diner, and out for our favorite Italian Ice. Add in a bit more shopping and a playground and you have a fun filled weekend. All was good in the hood.

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Tara said...

Everytime you post about going into the city, I get a little jealous! Glad y'all had fun and how cool about the boys winning 1st and 2nd places!!

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