April 20, 2011


Today brought 4 men to my home to fix a dryer. 2 watched, 1 looked, and the other worked. They never did get it fixed, but said they would be back. They didn't come back.

Today brought sad little boys. Mama's car wouldn't start.....which made us miss their last homeschool sports class. Really sad boys who have been cooped up for 2 days because of rain. They really needed to run in that gym.

Today brought jelly beans. Way too many Trader Joe's jelly beans. Have you tried them? They are fabulous.

Today brought clarity about a few things. I love when that happens. Now I hope that I don't forgot all that clarity.

Today brought tea. Lots of tea....and jelly beans.

Today brought a boy-made play about a made up country called Beltre..... and the many characters that live there. I played Tuzcan's wife.

Tonight will bring a possible trip to Target and dinner picked up by Dad.


Casey // align my heart, my body, my mind said...

your posts always make me happy. always, always. :) even in the face of bad (or annoying, i.e. uncooperative car!) stuff, you see the positive. love that.

Tara said...

Today brought tea? Would that be sweet, iced tea? You know when you finally move to the South, you are going to love it! ;-)

really.truly said...

Well, you guys just gave me a big smile. I love your comments.

And sweet tea....yum!

RV Puzzled said...

Girl..... I miss you. That is all xoxo

really.truly said...

Awww, Wendy....me too. So much!! It's not the same without you :(

Tiffanie said...

Yuck to the car!! YUMMY to the tea and jelly beans! :)

Wish you were HERE!

Darcie said...

Bummer about the car!
Laughing at ALL the men that couldn't fix your dryer.
Lovin' the idea of jellybeans.
What happen to coffee? It didn't get replaced did it?

Anonymous said...

4 men and a dryer - and they didn't fix it??? OOOOkie dokie!

A broken car just means you are meant to stay put and drink tea and eat jelly beans and put on plays. After witnessing your boys' beat-boxing talent, I can only imagine the play they put on -and of course, you, as the leading lady! I'm sure you recorded it for all to see, right?!!

:) hugs!

bunny, the paris house designs said...

Hi Mimi
I have been thinking of all of you and praying all is well...I can tell by your wonderful sense of humor that it is! I hope the dryer is fixed, I hope you had a nice blessed Easter and I hope your car is repaired too....
Have a nice night..I miss you

Polly said...

Hoping your day is going better today and is sprinkled with jelly beans and joy!

Wendy said...

Missing your posts...hope everything is okay.

Serendipity is Sweet said...

Hope your dryer wasn't eating jelly beans ;)

Poo and poo on the car and the dryer.

Just wanted to stop in to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day. I'm trying to make the rounds and wish a happy day to all of my favorite moms. You came to mind. Smile. Sorry I haven't been around much. But I hope you have a wonderful day with your delightful family. Blessings to you!

Darcie said...

Hey lovely lady! How have you been? Hope you had a truly wonderful, beautiful, special Mothers Day! I am sure I could have come up with more adjectives, but I don't want to sound to much like a dork. ;-)
Love ya!

RV Puzzled said...

I Really. Truly. hope you get to blogging again soon. Having to keep up with via email is so 2010.


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