April 12, 2011

Feeling the Music

{Their Sunday school teacher-Mr Tony-gave them an old microscope}

Last night......as Ross was listening to a song he became emotional. It was an opera song....I recognized the song, but couldn't tell you from where {I know it was Italian}. He shared that the song made him want to cry. 

{the garbage can near the window gives the best light to view hair, salt, and other fun stuff}

This morning.......Sam came to me in tears. He was actually sobbing. As I tried to understand what caused such an out pouring of tears....Ross explained that lyrics to a Jackson 5 song made him sad.
Even as I sit here now and ask him the title.......he chokes back tears. I love that music moves them.

{the song was I Want You Back}

That's about all I've got. We had family in this weekend.....drove into Brooklyn. Today, I am catching up
on laundry and getting back to our routine.


Tara said...

He's very in touch with his emotional side...what a great attribute! Hope you had fun with your visitors.

I don't know where I've gotten all this energy but I'm sure it will be nowhere to be found in another month.

Anonymous said...

I just watched that video and song - we have that one on the Just Dance 2 on the Wii. Elijah loves any M.J. song... or the Jackson. That is so sweet though that he listens to the words like that - I love that. Elijah used to also listen to Cats in the Cradle over and over and I can't listen to that one! Oh my, oh my!

That is so cool to have a microscope. I personally love to look at ants and bugs... up close they are even more disgusting than they already appear!


Tiffanie said...

That is just too sweet. Awww.. Tell him to be weary of the Hallmark commercials. I cry over those in an instant!

I love that you guys got a microscope...and for FREE to boot! Gotta get one of those!!

really.truly said...

FYI-the microscope is a small and inexpensive. I believe that it cost under $5.

Can't beat $5 fun!

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