April 16, 2011

Saturday Morning Confessions

I'm ready for some confessions.

1. I love the beautiful flowers that have beautified my kitchen, but I've neglected them. As I type they are droopy and brown and ....just forgotten. I often forget to water things.

2. I am not a morning person...at all. Just ask my dear husband. I'm sort of a grouch until I've had something
hot to drink. If I know I have to be somewhere {instead of getting to slowly wake up}then I get stressed.

3.I loved this painting in the store. I even cell phone pictured {I make up words} to Greg and my friend for approval. Now I have no idea what to do with it. It looks much better in person....so I keep telling myself.

{notice the red clearance sticker? nice.}

4. I'm obsessed with getting organized....yet, I am never organized.

5. I ordered my 11th hundredth math curriculum this week. Though, I know I will just go back to my original

6. The more I embrace our own way of doing things {homeschooling, living, everything} the more at peace I am. The more we beat our own drum, the prettier it sounds. The more we walk to that beat.....the happier we are. I could go on and on, but I'll stop.

7. I'm tired of my blog background, but too lazy to change it.


Sherry said...

I love that painting! It is just what my bathroom needs. :)

11th hundreth math curriculum--LOL, I totally understand that one.

Tiffanie said...

I've been on this math curriculum ride along side of you, and for the life of me I can't even remember what your "original" one was anymore! LOL I'm hoping you'll like CLE as much as we do :)
...at least for now! LOL

Melissa Stover said...

oooh i hate not knowing what curriculum i want to use. hope you get that settled soon. thanks for linking up.

Polly said...

great painting, have you ever read the story of the dogwood as to how it relates to the cross?
i'm tired of my blog background too, time for Spring cleaning
rock on to the beat of your unique drum, it is beautiful music!

Anonymous said...

Love the painting! 11th hundred math curriculum - so be it!

Love you just the way you are!

Wendy said...

#4 is very me.....I feel you.

And what is the name of #5?

Darcie said...

I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON EITHER!!!! Sadly, I have had to turn into one over the past couple months. ;-)

LOVE the picture, every pretty, and yes the red sticker makes it that much more beautiful.

Sorry, I haven't gotten over to your world lately.

Serendipity is Sweet said...

Your drum is beautiful!

The only good thing about mornings is coffee ;)

I LOVE that painting too! Is that a TJMaxx clearance sticker? If so, that makes it even sweeter ;) Most of my art collection bears the same.

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