December 18, 2011

And Then It's Back

Since I am not currently on Facebook, I'm thankful for this blog as a place to share what's going on. By the way, am I the only one not on Facebook? I do know a couple of old friends who also do not FB, but sometimes I wonder.

Just when we think this virus has left our's back {maybe}. In the wee hours of the morning, Ross started throwing up again. More sheets in the trash...along with the mattress cover. We are getting dangerously close to our quick trip home. We have lots of family time planned seeing siblings and cousins. At this point, I'm not sure if we can make the trip.

I forgot about this little video the boys made the morning before they started feeling sick. Who would have guessed what was about to happen later in the day. Their 3 yr old cousin, Jack, loves to watch cooking shows so the boys have been making some videos for him......again, I really cringe at the sound of my recorded voice. Do I really sound like that?

Feel the need to say.....I let Sam put his hand in the flour bag because there was barely any left, and I could not find our rolling pin so we used a cup. Ok, I feel better now.

As I type this, the boys are giggling and wrestling......crazy, mixed up, unpredictable virus. One minute you are fine, the next on the floor. Sam says that the sight of sweet foods grosses him out. Y'know how whatever you ate before you got sick disgusts you? I'm guessing he ate a couple of those cookies before the car incident. Poor guy. He said he can't even eat the chocolate from his advent calendar. Ok, I promise my posts about the "the annoying virus of 2011" will cease soon. I need to share pictures of our tiny connects to our sweet neighbors. Anyway, I promise there will be fun posts coming soon.


carole said...

Mmmm! Makes me want to make sugar cookies!

To this day Ian refuses to eat chicken shish ka bobs because he threw up once after having them. Poor guys - to not want cookies after that!!

It sounds like it was a looong week, but a good one, too, as far as relaxing, connecting, and thinking.

Darcie said...

Catching up and NOT liking that you all have been sick. :-( Not fun! Hope the virus makes a quick exit and that you can all feel 100% by the time you head back home.

StacyB said...

My daughter gave up MILK for over a year when she was three because of vomiting after drinking a bunch. Not what you want your toddler giving up!

I am not on FB either

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh, I can so relate to Sam. Cannot eat Andes Chocolate Mints ever again for similar reasons due to a childhood experience. Don't even like to see them. And your voice is never annoying, lol!! You crack me up.

Jessica Washburn said...

What a fun idea. Your voice sounds cute...people call my house and ask for my parents...seriously! :) You are lucky, your boys are so sweet, I wish we lived close so I could give them big hugs. Is that weird? They remind me of my sweetheart Kade. Hope the virus will crash and burn soon and that you can make your trip. Have a fab week and glad you found my 'mistaken celebrity sighting' so funny. I aim to please. :)

really.truly said...

They are so huggable. I told them that last night....they walk by me and I just want to hug 'em. Thankfully, they gladly accept hugs :)

StacyB said...

Christmas squirrel.
Love it.

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