December 14, 2011

Did You Know?

Did you know that when you are driving your kids to their Capoeira class one of them
just might suddenly purge the contents of his stomach all over the backseat of your car? It's true. It could happen....and yes, it happened to us this week. Seems the boys have a stomach virus.....which means we are quarantined for the week. Which also means that I am thoroughly sleep deprived from night time throw up sessions.....which always means that if you call, I may not make any sense {and I'm fairly certain that what I write won't}.

Did you realize that we have less than 2 weeks until Christmas? I'm in denial. I think it's because there is no snow, and the temp's have been mild. We were hoping to go into NYC this weekend to wander around the decorated city. I hope that everyone will be healthy by then. How long do you quarantine after a stomach virus?

Last night, Sam was snuggled on the couch. I sat at the end of the couch to hang out with him.....

Sam asked   "what are you doing?

"Rubbing your feet " I replied

"why?" he asked with innocence

"Because I love you and because you aren't feeling well"

There was a slight pause and then he asked......

"you know, the problem is not with my feet?"

Made me chuckle.

Hoping you and yours stay virus free this season! And hoping the stains and stink come out of my car :)


Casey // this modern love. said...

Oh my goodness!! Such a funny comment from Sam.

I give a good 5 day quarantine, equipped with daily Clorox scrubdowns of all surfaces :)

Wishing the boys a speedy recovery. I love their sweaters in those pictures.

Jessica Washburn said...

That's so gross. Poor little guys. I feel bad for you, it's fun for no one when the bug hits your house. A few years ago, Kimball's brother and his family flew in from Washington and brought it with them. Not fun to have 5 sick kids and 4 sick adults for Christmas...worst ever. Afterward I didn't even know where to start, I wanted to burn the whole place down. LOL. Good luck and get better guys! xoxo, Jess

StacyB said...

Oh yuck. I'm sorry.
I love the, "problem is not with my feet." Love it. These literal little people! ♥
Hoping less sickness today, Mimi!

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