December 6, 2011

Really Random

I woke up the other day with a bookcase on my mind. Now, this was a pleasant change....the week before was a bit rough {illness, unpacking, drama}. Waking up with thoughts of organization made me feel like I was getting back to my old self. So, while organizing I came across some old paperwork.....10 yrs old!

                        {Ruth.....notice your name was one of our girl choices! }

{the winners are circled}
 We had about 1 month notice before our twins were born. Everything was hurry up and wait. The boys were actually due to be born in July, but decided to enter the world at the end of May. During that "hurry up and wait" period I tried to prepare as best as I could. Names were essential....of course! As you can see from the first list, we were not positive that our twins were both boys. I'm so glad I saved these lists....I did not remember that Beckett was at the top of my list?? It's pretty obvious that Sam was my top choice {I've always loved the name "Sam"}. It's my father's middle name....Ross is Greg's middle name {and his great grandfather's name}.
This is one of our what shall we bring lists. I notice a couple checkbooks and cash....Bibles, too.

As I mentioned, I was dreaming of bookcases. Thankfully, Ikea is not too far away {though the drive is crazy}. We quickly found our bookcase {the Billy}, had our usual Ikea food, and ventured to the car. Ikea has guard rails that prevent you from getting to the parking lot, so while we waited for Greg to bring the car an older gal asked if we would watch her cart as well. She returned in time for Greg to help her with her load. This woman was so sweet....and thankful.....and a hugger. I can't tell you the last time a stranger hugged me. She shared a bit about her life, said some very uplifting and sweet things to us, and went on her way. It was such a nice afternoon. The simple things, right?

                                   {my yummy Ikea cake and loganberry juice}
                          {a typical day in our home school...shirts are optional}


Wendy said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing. :) And I really need to get back to Ikea. Jealous.....

Darcie said...

Love that you had the name list and that you can see R&S's name circled! Never going to throw that away are ya!

I SO want to go to IKEA...enjoy it for all your non-Ikea readers.

Tara said...

I love that you kept your name list for all these years and found it. I know you probably had the biggest smile ever when you saw it again. That is very cool!

We have an Charlotte!!! I'm not driving 3+ hours for Ikea but I hear it is an awesome store.

StacyB said...

I love your name list. I come across them around here myself sometimes. I also have a ton of names marked in the book I bought in college, long before I had babies. I laugh at it sometimes. Did you show the boys? Did they laugh at what they were almost named?

Anonymous said...

Awe, that name list is such a sweet memory of the waiting period. :) Brings back my own sweet memories of naming little Sophia Isabella. I alos love the last shot w/ the boys home schooling...again, makes my heart melt thinking about our homeschool days. I SO wish the boys had a long winter break so we could jump into some fun things, but unfortunately it's only 1 week long this year and we'll be traveling a big. Hugs friend. Jess

really.truly said...

Funny, I never thought to show the boys! I'll be doing that later today...I cannot guess what their reactions will be :)

Life with Kaishon said...

Can I bring Kaish to your school?
He hates school.
He also hates shirts : )
I like huggers.
Almost as much as the name Sam : )

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