December 21, 2011

Current Smile Makers

 I'm pretty much caught up on Christmas stuff {not}. Except for some packing, cleaning, shopping, baking, and mailing that needs to be done....I'm in pretty good shape. That's my excuse for sitting in front of my lap top right now. I actually work best during "crunch time". So, as I wait for Greg to get home from work so that I can race out to do some errands, I started to look around and notice some things that currently make me smile. {is that a run on sentence?}

Can't get much simpler than our Christmas tree above. The first thing I do each morning is turn on the lights. I love the warmth and coziness that Christmas tree lights add to a room. We were coming off of a head cold and going into a stomach virus when we put the tree up.....still have not located the ornaments and actually don't plan to.

This is a corner of our tiny deck which is attached to our neighbor's tiny deck. We each decided to wrap lights around the rails. The lights don't match, but it doesn't bother us a bit. Thankfully, we get along well with our neighbor. In fact, if we need to share some complex gossip info we just lean over and knock on each other's glass door. You might find us out there in our pj's chatting about something or watching the dear. Makes me smile.

Grabbed our old porch sign out of storage. It used to hang on a cape cod style house that we once owned. It was supposed to hang on the porch at our Canandaigua house.....the porch that never got built. I think I may hang it on our deck or kitchen wall. Makes me hopeful.
 The boys love their little wrestling rumblers. I laughed when I noticed that Ferb {or is it Phinneas} had entered the ring. That's one brave little dude. Makes me giggle.
Sammy decided that he wanted to write out the Beatitudes for his grandma. Sam has always struggled a bit with fine motor skills. Writing literally makes his hand sore. He and Ross worked together.....through finger pain and frustration....and created this beauty made with love. Makes me so happy.


Jessica Washburn said...

Awe, those are all great. I especially love Christmastime when I wake up early and turn on all the white cozy!

rebecca said...

Love the porch sign! Makes me want to come over and sip a cup o' tea!

StacyB said...

your tree is beautiful. I do the same thing - plug the tree in in the AM when I have my quiet time. I love it.

I love the Beatitidse even more, though. How great.

Alicia said...

I love the way the Christmas lights light up the room, too!!!

I'm glad to have read an update on your blog!! I always enjoy your posts!!

Have a very Happy New Year!

Darcie said...

How special of S&R! That will surely be treasured by their Grandma!

I love that all the things that make you smile are the simple things..that's what life is about!

Hope you had a VERy Merry CHristmas and that you have a Happy NEw YeAr!

Jana Guild said...

What a great gift the boys made - that is so neat :) I love the wrestler ring with brave little Finneas ready to take on those mean little guys! Too cute!

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