January 31, 2011

All In a Morning

{Greg is couch bound....the boys like to read him bed time stories}

I have a love~hate affair with Mondays. Monday is a beginning....the week, maybe new habits, new ideas. Monday is also sometimes overwhelming. Yep, overwhelming. I may feel weighed down by errands , goals I've set, and getting back to the weekly routine. I've noticed there is a big difference in our weekend routine vs. weekly one.

We started with a good breakfast for all.....a great little devotion on self-control {to which one of my dear sons informed me that I lacked a bit yesterday-he was correct}.....and a sunny day.

{more couch snuggling}

Slowly, my perfect little morning changed. There was some grumbling about how "boring" school work was.....there was a bit of rolling around on the ground because someone was soooo tired {not me}....and there was a clogged toilet....make that 2 clogged toilets. And, just to make that clear.....we only have 2 toilets. There was me running between 2 little boys struggling with math.....back and forth I trotted. Once math was complete....there was a collective shout of joy.

I've managed to unclog 1 toilet.....I may have used a wooden fork.....but there were no witnesses so I'm not confirming that fact {if it were true....I can quarantee that the fork is now in the garbage}. Though, I can confirm that I am a pro at turning the little water knob at the base of the toilet. As soon as that water starts rising...I'm there to hopefully stop it.

Have you ever been so proud to remember an important person's birthday {father in law}....only to realize that you are actually a day late? Me too.

We have more to do.....and a busy afternoon......where I may be asked to pray out loud in a group setting {gulp}. Out of my comfort zone, for sure. Yep, I'm not really a master of prayer. The Lord and I have our own little language....He gets me. I'm not sure if my out loud prayers....in a group setting.....make sense, but I'm surprisingly okay with that.

I'm not really a master of math....or toilets either.


carole said...

The fork in the toilet? Eeewww. So funny! I hope both are unclogged for you now. A few months ago our one toilet was very clogged. It was a big problem! We actually ended up buying a new toilet. If we had 4 girls instead of boys who I could send outside to pee, it would have been a disaster. Haha!

Darcie said...

You are the MASTer of much! LOL! Glad those cuties are stealing some snuggles with their dad. I am sure it lifts his spirit too.

Tara said...

Your Monday kind of sounds like ours. You know our "crappy" story on Halloween. Today, we went to visit the MIL and her toilet backed up. Had to call a plumber and two hours later, it was fixed. Somebody had been flushing paper towels!!!!

Glad you got one toilet fixed!

Heidi said...

Gish those boys have the most beautiful smiles! I really, really Appreciate the comment...I hope to look back on days like today as part of the journey... with a child in my arms like you described!

These Are The Days said...

Oh your poor hubby. I hope he'll be back to normal quickly. Your boys are too cute...what lovey doves!

You DO need a girls weekend. Maybe Blissdom 2012?

Anonymous said...

I just love the pictures you posted, I actually just welled up a little! Precious!!

And I too have toilets that insist on clogging - daily, every other day..... And I say, whatever works to unclog the toilet! Forks, spoons, pasta scoopers, tongs..... It's all for the cause, my dear! But yes, the garbage would be the ultimate destiny of my kitchen tools, if I had employed them to do bathroom work.....of ANY kind.

Sounds like you and I have the same plumbing skill: turning the knob as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to keep that water DOWN!

I was ready to tear my hair out yesterday trying to help my boys simutaneously with schoolwork! It's exhausting! I can just picture you!

And as far as praying out loud, I PRAY you just mutter out, without thinking, whatever comes to mind naturally. Trust me, women would certainly love you for it. I know I would.


Life with Kaishon said...

Out loud praying in a group setting. I love that so much. : ) What a day. I am glad you made it through!

Polly said...

I am also the toilet-unstopper queen 'round these parts. will definitely consider using a wooden spatula/spoon next time. Rock on Vanilla Ice!

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