January 16, 2011

Our Days

Friday brought an MRI. He said it was painful, but it's over. Now we wait for some answers. He's been on the couch all weekend....hurts to move. He has a mini business trip tomorrow....he has to go. Praying the pain will ease up...or the steroids will kick in. It's so strange that it was a year ago.....the month before our last move......that he had this problem. Same timing. Weird.  Hoping to get some answers.

{snap circuits with Dad....December}

Saturday brought basketball for the boys. It's a non-competitive fun basketball thing. The boys requested non competitive. They didn't like the more competitive soccer program over the summer. Soccer practices were great, the coaches were great....the teasing from the other kids...not so great. The twins would get stage fright during the games. They would almost freeze on the field.  All the yelling and activity from the side lines freaked them out a bit. Practice, good. Games, not so good. A few kids started teasing them about it. Ummm, we are talking 8 yr olds. So wrong. Ross and Sam told us that they didn't think they deserved to be on the team (because they had a hard time with the games). The coaches couldn't have been nicer.  Basketball will be for fun....and they said it was fun. They have the same coaches from soccer. Awesome.
(side note...during the week, the twins are part of a cross training homeschool gym class. The coach told me that the first day there was a boy struggling. He said Ross and Sam helped the boy. Melted my heart.)


Saturday also brought a new haircut for me. It's fine. Watched The Way We Were with Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand. Great movie, tear filled couple of hours.

Sunday brought....well, technically it's still here....making homemade pasta sauce, doing errands and watching football. Not much organizing going on.


Anonymous said...

I heart you.

Your boys are going to grow into amazing, loving men.

I also hope Greg feels better soon.

No pics of the new hair?


really.truly said...

I heart you too sweet J.

No hair pics :( I'll work on that....

Stacey said...

You should listen to the way some of the parents talk during my sons basketball game! I thought my sister and I were going to get into a fight because some guy behind us was calling my nephew names! You would think the kids were the ones we would have to worry about!

Your boys are great! More kids hate than help now days! Good for them!

mama's smitten said...

Oh yes , not so fun when your kids end up on a team like that. I had to convince myself its a learning experience ! Still hard :( Prayers that you get some answers !

Ruth said...

Maybe your boys are on to something... for years, I have wondered how competition fits into the 'let each esteem the other better than himself' lifestyle. It always seems to bring out the worst in children here... and the adults are no better!

And here I was thinking it was a Caribbean thing. *sigh*

Darcie said...

Your boys have a heart like their momma, and that is one very special heart.

Hoping that your hubby isn't in too much pain today. Not cool when you have to go to work in pain. Hopefully the MRI is forth coming with some answers.

4 Blessings said...

Hoping your hubby gets some answers soon. Back pain is the worst.

I love that your boys helped the other boy. Such sweet hearts they have.

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