January 10, 2011

This Small Space

I've started the process....a little at a time. I found these little, cloth boxes (with zippers!) at Ikea....only $5.99. I put the boys random toys in them....with labels. I find that the visual {name} helps the boys. Without it, they would probably never open the boxes. The boxes are not beautiful or even cute....but I love that the tops are closed and they keep things organized and that's my goal.

Greg comfortably watched "Superman" while I did my organizing thang. His sciatica is causing him pain again. Praying that he will heal quickly. The last time he went through this....it was not pretty. (the belt laying on the couch and the broken blinds are not pretty either).
Here are some of the plastic boxes that I emptied.....I'm purging all the plastic. I'll use them in the garage....or inside if they can be hidden away . I didn't really keep them out much, but they were starting to accumulate (because of the move).
Another bookcase filled with books.....that will be my next project. Organzing and purging books. I'm finding that if I do it a little at a time....it's far less overwhelming.

I've also realized something about our move.....I don't mind having a small space. What I mind is......not "owning" our home. Not being able to make it our own. I've seen some pretty amazing things done with small living spaces, but when you are renting....there is not much you can do. Though, I have some ideas for our February move {still have not decided where that will be}. Greg met the woman who will be renting out current home....I guess that means it's official, we better start getting ready. 


Darcie said...

Looks like you are making progress in leaps and bounds. Which I could come be of some help. :-)

Saw the Tag I missed on Saturday. Didn't even realize Tara had tagged me. Hope to get to it, before I forget.

Wendy said...

Looks like I need to go shopping at ikea.com. Love it!

Jana Guild said...

I love all those little bins and the tags on them. I really think I need my own trip to Ikea. I'd love a bookcase filled with those little fabric bins.

As far as small spaces - our house is only 1560 sq. ft. I purge all the time. It is stress relieving to know that everything I own is all stuff I actually use. Smaller spaces can be great, but you've got to be able to let go of 'stuff'. Only keep the stuff you really like/want. :)
You're awesome!

Stacey said...

Hello there! Haven't seen you for awhile. Glad that you went public again.

I wish I can get organized!

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