January 21, 2011

Friday Morning Breakdown

Not an actual breakdown....but a break down of the morning.

Of course, the one day I have an appointment scheduled very early in the morning.....is the one day that we get a lot of snow. Enough snow that it causes driving and parking to be more difficult. I love my new doctor. I'm thrilled to now have a doctor and dentist that we can feel good about. She told me that because my endometriosis is so extensive I need to watch for it to possibly obstruct my organs...*yikes*.....and I have an arrhythmia. Of course, this is all new news to me. I don't really like to hear the words obstruct and organ in the same sentence. Sounds messy. Did I mention I love my new doctor? She's so calm and .....well....smart. Great qualities in a doctor. :)

Of course, thankfully.....Greg was able to stay home with the boys so that I could go to above mentioned appt.When I arrive back home.....he is on a conference call and the boys are playing balloon baseball. For some crazy reason I then decide to nest......by doing some quick super cleaning, re-arranging. Exactly one month before our move.....and still not sure where we are moving. I'm excited and hopeful.

The fact that it is super sunny outside.....and Friday...are added bonuses and contributing factors to above mentioned....excited and hopeful.

*Greg is feeling better....he has his own doctor appointment today {with his orthopedic dr} . Of course, we are very anxious to learn what the MRI reveals.

Wow, you know you are getting older when most of what you write is about medical stuff.


Stacey said...

We got a lot of snow here, too! As a matter of fact is snowing again right now. Im over it, and I'm ready for spring!

Glad you have found a doctor you like. I will say a prayer for you over this new diagnosis.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you made it out and back in the snow, I'm glad you love your doctor, but you dear dear 'girl' - please do keep an eye on yourself and see her often. I understand a little about endometriousis (even though I can't spell it to save my life) but organs and obstruction? I think the remedy is chocolate and wine....followed by tea (right?)

She better be good! You are a planet 'must-have'.

Meeting you in person is on my bucket list, although I need to rename the 'bucket list' part.


really.truly said...

I'll follow your orders Dr. Jana! I was just chatting with Greg about how awesome the real estate is in AZ :) I cannot imagine NOT meeting you in person (feels like we already have).

Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

Hi Mimi,
I hope you are ok...that sounds stressful...and Greg ???? Is he ok?? I'm glad you found a good Dr. And you are comfortable with her...that makes such a huge difference .

I love today with the sun shining down on the sparkly snow.. It's so pretty .....you and I are girls from upstate NY...we can handle this cold LOL!!
Lets try to get together sooner than later! And good luck when you move!!!

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