January 6, 2011

Starting Here, Starting Now

Well, actually....I started a little while ago, but I'm extra intentional about this start. I'm ready for another purge!

Greg and I were looking at some pictures of our house last night...we both got a bit sad. That house had such great closets....and those closets helped me to keep our home de-cluttered. There was a place for everything...and everything was in its place.

Now....not so much. But, seriously....what more can I get rid of? We already got rid of a bunch of furniture, clothes, toys, stuff. I'm in a mindset where I just want to be minimal. I want to keep what I love....and that's it. It has actually been hard letting go of that favorite sweater from the 90's. Forget that I have not worn it in a few years...it's there if I want to wear it. Right? Wrong! Time to let it go. So, I will once again...go through things and simplify. That has been my favorite word for a while now.

We still have not chosen our next rental....but it will hopefully be a better layout than this one. Picture a hotel suite...with an extra small playroom downstairs. That describes our current home. It's fine....we are together and happy....it's just small. I'm starting to get excited for the next move. It's time.

So, I have a big date with Ikea this weekend. Only thing.....we are supposed to get another snowstorm. Blah!

I guess more sledding will be a good thing.


Alicia said...

I'm like that too. It's hard to get rid of stuff even though I would never use it again. I call it "sentimental." LOL!!

Love the picture. You look great, like always!

really.truly said...

Yes...sentimental..I like that ;)

Thanks Alicia!

Life with Kaishon said...

I can't believe you like moving. I abhor it. Basically, if we stay here the rest of our lives just so I don't have to move, that is fine : )
And next time, I am hiring movers. They are worth it. No matter how much!

Jana Guild said...

Love the snow picture! Love the snow clothes! We don't get the joy of all that stuff here in AZ....

Wherever you are, just make it YOUR home. We rented for years and years and every place I lived -I made it mine. It really is not that much different - it's all in how you look at it. One of my favorite places to live with my family was our two-bedroom apartment that was upstairs that had incredible views of our AZ sunset AND a fireplace (which many homes don't have here). I rented it, but it was mine!

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