January 18, 2011

Decisions, stir crazy, and wings


Do we go for space and sacrifice beauty......or beauty and sacrifice space? We found a decent townhome to rent, but it's dreary and ugly. The inside isn't awful.....the outside is pretty bad. Which is weird because it's in a good town, good location. It has a pool...that's a bonus.

Or, do we stay in our newer complex and have less space? We are getting close to our move date and still frantically looking for a house to rent. The good thing is that it's just for the year. This time next month we will be packing....yippeee! I'm looking forward to the change.

They boys are going a bit stir crazy.....running around, some teasing between brothers, more running around....which is making me a bit crazy. 

Greg saw a guy from our church on Man Vs. Food (food network show).....he was at a restaurant at the shore.....eating really hot wings(ridiculous hot). We can't wait to go try the restaurant out....I'll skip the wings.


Tara said...

Oh go for the really hot wings!!! Good luck on finding your new home. I know you wouldn't live in a dump but space is probably more important. If you don't have enough room, you will be crazy for a whole year. If a place isn't the most beautiful you can spruce it up to some extent. Maybe the landlord would agree to fixing it up some?? Reimburse you or cut off some of the rent if you painted?

Darcie said...

Can't wait to hear what you all decide. Don't forget sometimes the fun is just in making the decision.

Hehehe...I'll try and remind myself of that when its ME making the decision.

Anonymous said...

You don't like hot wings????? Whaaat? That's okay, I like you anyway.

Good luck with your move. I'd probably take smaller space/nicer space, but that's just me!

Sherry said...

You won't be looking at the outside all day--but you WILL be in the inside all day! Plus a pool? I say who cares what the outside looks like if it's only a year AND it's in a good location. Those boys need space to move around without steppin' on their mama. ;)

Good luck, Mimi.

These Are The Days said...

Wow, your space or beauty question is a toughy. I think I'd have to see it or hear more detail. I'm sure you'll make the right choice, just follow your gutt.

I was in the same predicament last year and chose less space more beauty/safety...then broke down in tears and a panic attack! Luckily my husband saw it (after we put the deposit down) and knocked some sense into me. He convinced me to keep looking (though time was running out). I did some praying too, and we found something that gave us both space and beauty (or at least nice and decent in a good neighborhood and location).

I know it sucks, but keep your chin up and you're right...adventure!!

really.truly said...

Thanks guys.....I keep hoping the perfect house(for us) comes on the market quickly!

The wings were tear producing hot. It was a show about crazy food. I do like hot wings...dipped in Blue cheese, please. :)

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